Snakes on the Beach! Lots of Sexiness! Surfers as Actors! More!

This week, the ASP gave us cryptic hints about changes to come 2014, and that got you all fired up. Here’s what happened while you were busy Twitter-bashing strangers.

Role Models

Here is Anastasia Ashley being Kim Kardashian.

Shane Dorian, Actor

Some people are just born with it.

White Trash Surfing

No waves in the Georgia swamp? No problem.

Santa Cruz, the Land of Surf Magic

Famed surfing magician Zoltan Torkos has got competition. And this one snagged the name “The Surfing Magician”. But can he kickflip?

A Surfing Playmate

Meet Sylvi Bodi, a Hungarian Playmate who apparently charges.

Forget Sharks. Snnnnnnnaaaakes!

A 5-foot rattlesnake surfed through the lineup New Smyrna this week. Witnesses said, “surfers tried to avoid the snake swimming right by them.”

Twitter Comments of the Week

Opinions on the ASP’s New Logo

I’m sure the new @ASP logo looks great when it’s blown up huge on a projector but on Twitter it looks like scribbles.


Do you think the website inspired the @ASP for their new logo?


Worry not fellow Americans the U.S. Senate is working on a new logo.

Not Dane Reynolds,

Instagram Famous

The surf girls made “The Sexiest Women Alive” feature in the latest Esquire.

Mick and Gabby

The self-professed “Banksy of Surf,” BERT, who tags after every Tour event, strikes again. This time it’s Mick Fanning and Gabriel Medina on a wall in Pacific Beach. Will Kai Otton end up in a town near you? Oh the anticipation!

Ridiculous Headline of the Week

Get it? Rabbit Bartholomew’s son is no bunny…?

Yet Another Beachy Music Video

This one is entitled “Sand in My Sheets” and tackles the problems caused by sand. In the end (spoiler alert!) he concludes that “sand is just a nice reminder of good times with good friends on the boardwalk and in the surf.”

Hair Barrels Of the Week

Because they never get any less awesome.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Are you #totallybeachin?

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The End. Tune in next week for more.

| posted on October 18, 2013

Snakes on the beach! Lots of sexiness! Surfers as actors! And more random happenings in surf for the Week of October 14.

  • Indian Summer

    HEy Janna…You should move to SF where all the lesbians live.

    • trollingfortrolls

      YOu should organize your thoughts more intelligibly before executing them.

    • mateo

      yeah, wtf?

  • Remy

    He holds no kickflip magic like ZOLTRON!

  • Eric

    Kim has drumsticks….

  • Reedley Kaplan

    hair barrels!!! so sick

  • Joe

    Haha can’t kickflip like Zoltron!! Not a true surfing magician

  • NJsurfer2

    The funniest thing about Shane Dorian and his acting career is that he came out with that corny 1998 surf movie “In God’s Hands”