Wipeout Montage! Surfing Berlin! Tony Hawk on a Hoverboard!

Haleiwa Hurts

There are so many ways to get hurt at Haleiwa. Let this montage be a lesson.

Ausgezeichnet Boat Wave

This mindbendingly perfect wave comes courtesy of a boat wake in Berlin. Your move, Texas.

Logie Retires to the Bar

A photo posted by Jordy Smith (@jordysmith88) on

Dammit, Uber




Context-free social media weirdness


(A word from our sponsor.)

Hawking Those Hoverboards

Tony Hawk is probably a terrific finless surfer.

Air Surfing NYC

Now this is some real-deal hoverboarding.

Prosthetic Power

Mike Coots throwing the hammer down on his prosthetic leg. What’s your excuse?

Party on, Sanuk

Comfortable feet always bring the beat.

| posted on November 21, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the week of November 21.

  • zinkalator

    berlin here I come…

  • zinkalator

    Berlin, here I come..