SUP Disaster! Gavin Beschen, Still Creedling! Best Turn Ever! Foamies!

More Pipe

The Volcom Pipe Pro kicked off this week and as far as I’m concerned, Gavin Beschen is the winner for his heoics at the 1:25 mark.

Kids, Don’t SUP

Nothing good can come of it.

Gurgle Gurgle

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Get Well Soon Daniel Jones




Context-free social media weirdness


(A word from our sponsor.)

The 1980s Revival Continues

Windsurfing—the original tow-surfing: still a thing.

Foamies 4 Lyfe

The video the fiberglass industry doesn’t want you to see.

Real Life Mindsurfing

Kelly Slater’s answer to the eternal question: What is Life?

Party on, Sanuk

Comfortable feet always bring the beat.

| posted on January 30, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of January 30th.