Soft Tops at Jaws! Surf with Laird for $20,000!
Santa Attacks!

Happy friday, kids.

Jaws on a Soft Top

This guy is officially nuts.

Black Swans

Just shredding on the Gold Coast.

Eddie Would Go to Hawaii

Eddie Vedder came to give Slater a high five, and Rolling Stone liked that.

A Ridiculous News Segment

Santa and his elves “surfing” and eating sh*t on the news.

A New Kind of “Dog Surfing”

Much better than THIS kind.

She’s Baaaaack

Alana Blanchard: Surfer Girl returns.

Some YouTube Comments

On the Announcement that Alana: Surfer Girl Will Return

allow me to express my joy and emotion through interpretive dance!


i’m here for the butt

Stevie Cowfeet

you guys not afraid of sharks?


Bethany’s New Sponsor

Tampax’s Instagram: “I love how I feel after a good run, even on my ‘girly days!’–BH”

What a Deal!

Hurry while it lasts: For just $20,000 Laird will give you a 2-hour surf lesson, a 1-hour nutrition session, and his book! Now on!

When Surfing Santas Attack

Oh, the things people post on the internet.

Meanwhile, Ms. Claus

…Went surfing in her bikini.

GIF of the Week

Just a lady in heels, sharing her lady parts.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Check out this 16-minute documentary on master lensman Brian Bielmann.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more.

| posted on December 20, 2013

Soft Tops at Jaws! Surf with Laird for $20,000! Santa Attacks! And more random happenings in surf for the Week of December 16.

  • James B

    U$ 20.000,00 for two “surf lessons” with Laird??? NO WAY, would be sooo better if the teacher was Carlos Burle or Garret Macnamara. Those guys are still big wave riders.


      but laird knows everything

    • Romeo Stalked Juliet

      If Laird spoke on behalf of Tampax: “We don’t let anything get in our way. Not 20 ft Teahupoo. Not even 20 TeahuSpoonFulls of period liquid. I recommend Tampax”.

  • matteo

    $20,000 to hear that a squatty, wide stance and crucifix arms creates balance for professional kook Laird Hamilton? Awesome.

  • Manuel Portela

    I rather pay 20,000 for a celebrity boxing match between Larid and Carlos… That would be well worth 20k

  • tunerbowl

    how much is it for him to suck my dick?


      he will pay you