Tudor called a “Terror”! China’s Secret Ploy! Amazingness from the ’80s!

With Thanksgiving and Surfer Poll, Week In Review was on a hiatus. So here’s the weird from the last few weeks. Enjoy.

Chinese Surfers Are Coming

This showed up in my news feed entitled “China inflatable surfboard.” I can only imagine they are now training tiny children to become competitive machines to take over the world.

It Will NEVER Stop

The PR machine that is Zoltan Torkos’ posse sent us this “music video,” which features Zoltan’s 48th kick flip. How many will he do? (Forty-eight is a good number.)

Joel Tudor Made the Tabloids

A few weeks back, the New York Post called Tudor a “terror.”

It Was Only A Matter of Time

Introducing snow SUPing. Now the mountain crowds can be as dangerous as the ocean ones.

Sterling Spencer on CNN

GMac isn’t the only one earning Anderson Cooper’s admiration.


People have too much time on their hands. Not complainin’.

Enthusiastic Tweets of the Week

Live Surfer Poll Tweets from A Random Follower

Yayyyyy. John John. My favorite is the best. #SURFERpoll

Ahsan (SunTea)

OMG @alanaRblanchard she’s fucking hot. And 1st place. #SURFERpoll

Ahsan (SunTea)

Yay. Kelly OMG kelly. That’s the man. He’s gonna become the 12th world campion after winning billabong pip masters. Congra man. #SURFERPoll

Ahsan (SunTea)

Silly Questions

Jordy Smith admits to spending 2 hours thinking of new ways to claim. And more!

More Jordy

At it again. First we saw his girlfriend dragging his boards up the stairs in Sterling’s movie (see here), now this. He’s trained her well.

The ’80s Were the Best

How surf slang became all the rage. An amazing video.

Hey Y’all, Watch This

River surfing in Georgia! Actually pretty impressive.

Bad Karma

Yep. Definitely bad karma.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Check out this 16-minute documentary on master lensman Brian Bielmann.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more.

| posted on December 13, 2013

China’s Secret Ploy! Amazingness from the ’80s! And more random Happenings in Surf for the Week of December 9.

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    On behalf of http://www.GettingBarreled.com
    we heart Janna Irons.

  • party of common sense

    I dont doubt it…..Tudor seems like a kook….many say he is the best longboarder ever…I give that title to Herbie Fletcher…..Nobody stands on the nose in big barreling surf like he does…….Joel…well…based on some of things he says i interviews…does come off as kook. he can arm bar you for sure…..but he s pretty much irrelevenat in surfing today…..must have hung out with Nat Young in Oz a little too much

  • party of common sense

    snowboard SUPS???? really…..Gerry…Laird….you must be proud…..

  • Bdan

    I don’t watch surfing unless someone is doing kickflips