Dane Flies! Snoop Dogg (Lion?)! Kolohe Breakin' Hearts! Near Death at Todos!

Kolohe is coming for your ladies

Yeah Kolohe. Stay the f*ck away from that 30-year-old dude’s teenaged girlfriend.

Snoop and Sal on surf

Snoop asks all the right questions about wipeouts. Check the 4:05 mark.

The Drone Invasion Has Reached the Tube

A photo posted by Jordy Smith (@jordysmith88) on

Where Even Drones Fear to Tread




Context-free social media weirdness


(A word from our sponsor.)

Dane. Dreaming, Achieving.

Dane’s reach must exceed his grasp, or else, what are we all doing here?

Fear and Loathing at Todos

Take a big deep breath before you watch this one.

Hard-hitting Questions with Steph

Australian “60 Minutes” is so much better than the American version.

Party on, Sanuk

Comfortable feet always bring the beat.

| posted on February 20, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of February 20th.