Kayak Fail! You Got Burned! Kelly Slater Ripping!

You shouldn’t sit right there…

Kayak Fail

How does this guy walk away?


Need some ice for that burn?

Wang X Cox

Alexander Wang teamed up with Hayden Cox on these marble surfboards.

Mad Hueys in Fiji

Who said fishing is boring?

Hungry for Diver Part I

Don’t mess with sailfish.

Hungry for Diver Part II

Don’t mess with Groupers.

SURFER Comments

Kelly Slater’s US Open Warm Up

Looks like a good way to aggravate an old shoulder injury?

-Danny Doyle

Wondering if this contributed to his pulling out of the US Open?

-Jim Wolf

And then withdraws from the contest…

-Zippidy DooDaa

ICYMI: Slater Rips…

…even behind a boat.

Lots of Sharks…

…following a fishing boat.


This has nothing to do with surfing. But you’ll enjoy it.

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| posted on August 01, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of July 28.