Street Surfing! Puddle Surfing!
Burn of the Year!

What’s sketchier: street surfing behind a Peruvian taxi or drinking mud out of a shoe?

“Yes Way!”

In a galaxy far, far away…Alex Knost (0:30) restores the stoner stereotype to surfers all over.

Burn of the Year

Or, depending on who you ask, barrel of the year.

Life After Jackass

Generally speaking, videos beginning with a tattooed dude in boxers inside of a cheap motel involve a different type of shredding…

The New Jackass

Jamie O’Brien and co. puddle surf the North Shore. Yep, as awesome as it sounds.

Alex Gray Gets Sombrarreled

Well, getting barreled in a sombrero is one way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

The Next Occy

Happens to be a regular footer by the name of Jay Occhilupo.



Alana Blanchard “I love the beach, bikinis and the sun” #surferfacts

Surfer Facts

What is one of Sebastian Zietz’s “hobbies”? “Getting the dance party started!” #surferfacts

Surfer Facts

A favorite quote from Granger Larsen? “bra, I am baffled” #surferfacts

Surfer Facts

Barca 4 Mayor

Dustin Barca is running for Mayor of Kauai. If he wins, does he have to relinquish his
unofficial title as mayor of Pine Trees?

“You’re a golf kook. Beat it!”

Quiksilver Chairman Bob McKnight takes his anger over Kelly Slater’s departure
out on PGA golfer Luke List.

Wipeout of the Week

Rincon has more pile ups than the 405.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

An intimate look into the life and times of Dave Rastovich.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

Until next week my friends, until next week.

| posted on May 09, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of May 5.

  • aaronski

    Carter Slade burning someone? Wow that’s never happened before.

  • Concerned Sovereign Seeker

    Ref: Life After Jack Ass
    There is something I don’t undestand about the surf industry, the business of surfboard building and the monetary nominal value of the craft, assigned to the shaper, surfer, media agent and broker, make profitablilty possible, yet here we have something I’d guess labeled sideshow attraction, skateboard related, mascot, entertainment, behooved for which can be consumed to the masses, unless of course the stage is on company owned property, a codified principle in interest. My assumption which may be incorrect, make craftsman, such as shapers, glassers, sanders, invaluable to the masses if there is not a marketing objective. If the marketers place these craftsmen on the best venue, domiciled in Beverly Hills or on the beach at Malibu, then the surfers can rent rooms for fractions of market value. If the surfer is dim witted, then the rent paid would not entitle ownership in company or fractional ownership, a bitter respite for the night to be paid toward transient accomidations and then so on. If the craftsman were aspiring to entertain the media conglomerate on syndicated broadcastes, then someone without knowlege, such as Flave o Flave, which might just as well fuck your wife, might share the common areas. Im down with rhymes and all but bringing cultural bias to the forfront of surf politics makes for consternation, while there is no ownership in surf business or multipurpose use of a tenant, which might include marketing in a tenancy contract. I might include the discrimination that goes with the land in Hawaii under the allodial system, which never give the renter, any rights whatsoever, to do so and basically sets the renter up for a plantation job, which might not be so bad for someone subisdizing their income surfing for the short term, though lest no home to go to, there might be some experation date. If the skate industry wants a piece of their market share to include surf orientated space, that is a surfboard on pavement, then the highway act, which isn’t close from the shoreline, should be used to access the beach only and not for Back to the Future skate tricks or what not, therefore media which goes with the land owner should infact me entitled as such yet not to the highway division DOT and lawyer minutes.

  • Commentary Of the Playright

    Until recently the world new Bob Hoskins (UK) of his roles starring in Hollywood movies next to Jet Lee. In the roles therein martial artists were the biggest cultural assett. I am not a martial artist though the thought provoking dialogue and plots liken to that of a surfer lifestyle and should be validated and studied. He will be remembered as one of the greats, characters like himself in Mario Bros. to name a few. Therefore, I made this comment and postulated this as an ode to the struggling surfer which might not have been accomplished as self identification, fulfilling or not. That is where I believe people of the UK will agree unilaterally as to a surfer being surfer- not stodgey bumkins that Hoskins might have made into on a global scale.

  • Mik


    Quik gave us all the ride of our lives with Kelly… Never to be forgotten.