Surfing on a Hot Dog! Man Punches Shark! Best Halloween Ideas! More!


A Lucky Man

This former boxer punched a shark that tried to eat him this week.

Winter Training

You’re welcome.

Visit California

Where Rob Machado “puts his boardshorts on one leg at a time.”

So Hot Right Now

Anthropologie (as in, the clothing/home store) now sells SUPs. The middle one is $10,000.

The Next Chapter

Just imagine a lineup full of these bad boys…

GIF of the Week

Ride it, girl. Reader Comments

Oh, the Things Internet People Say…

I rap and I surf. Not so hard to understand is it?

Inda Gyness on
Barrels and Rap Battles

what is alana blanchard’s cell number?

G on Taj Burrow:
What He Rode

HEy Janna…You should move to SF where all the lesbians live.

Indian Summer on
Week in Review

Halloween Ideas

Real life hair barrels or Bethany and her chompy buddy.


Jordy Smith found his Asian doppelgänger.

Move Over Surf Brands

You’ve got competition.

Hot Doggin’ Jaws

Ian Walsh charges on hot dog, then on surfboards, but that’s not so silly.

#tbt Photo of the Week

Leila Hurst, Malia Manuel, and Coco Ho. So hungry.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Are you #totallybeachin?

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The End. Tune in next week for more.

| posted on October 25, 2013

Surfing on a Hot Dog! Man Punches Shark! Best Halloween Ideas! Random happenings in surf for the Week of October 21.

  • Steve

    Machado the ultimate sell out but we all love him because….the hair? the high five? I’ll never understand why he’s still relevant.

    • mateo

      I’d still love Rob even if it had been him in the commercial wearing the hydro-jetpack-thingy…

    • larkstan

      the high-five, definitely. A fine moment in surfing.

  • Lance

    Wow. That motor board is scary to imagine in the lineup. Love the second Halloween costume, even if a bit tasteless. 🙂

  • ryan

    Machado is the man.Free surfer mentor all around great guy if youve met him you’d get it.
    and Ian Walsh is a nut job!!!

  • EWL

    SO help me if I see one of those lame ass jet boards in the lineup there is not telling what I would do. Almost as bad as those ass clowns on the SUPs.

  • dickhaloren

    I’ll be dropping in on everone who has a jet board. Everyone. Let’s all make that pledge, shall we?