Eddie Wipeouts! Stormtrooper Shredding! Practice Your Pidgin!

Eddie Wouldn’t Bail

Any swell now, and we could be treated to a highlight reel of spectacular bails at the Eddie.

At a River Far, Far Away

Only three more weeks.

Too much turkey

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Firing Barrels





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The More You Know

Who needs inflatable vests?

Like one practice?

Brush up for your North Shore vacation.

Surf is where you find it

Better than half the waves you caught this summer.

Sanuk Welcomes Lauren Hill

Sanuk proudly welcomes Lauren Hill – surfer, writer, activist, smiler. For our first (official) adventure with Lauren, we decided to chart a course for the Hawaiian islands… Aloooooooha!

| posted on November 27, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of November 27th

  • Mik

    if i never see another clip of river surfing ever again, it will be too soon…