Gabe and Sterling Shave! Kepa's Perfect 10! Wave Eats Man! Ripping the Pit!

Sterling Medina Manscaping

You’ve seen Medina’s armpit shaving commercial. Now, finally, Sterling Spencer translates.

Kepa Acero Heat Winner

Kepa surfs this Peruvian wave so good, Ronnie Blakey shows up
to start commentating at about the 1:56 mark.

Worst Case Scenario

A photo posted by Jordy Smith (@jordysmith88) on

I have So Many Questions About This





(A word from our sponsor.)

Please, Somebody Make This Drop

An undignified fate for such glorious little waves.

Newsflash: Sharks Bite

In that shark’s defense, divers are super tasty.

Ripping The Pit

Oldie but Goodie. You’re welcome.

Party on, Sanuk

Comfortable feet always bring the beat.

| posted on March 20, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of March 20th.

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