#MickvsShark: Tour Reacts

As you’d expect, plenty of rattled nerves.

Give This Announcer a Walkley!

The Walkley is the Aussie version of the Pulitzer, FYI. And this guy deserves all the Walkleys.

Hot n’ Glassy

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Keala Kennelly: Hero Status



(A word from our sponsor.)

Unreleased J-Bay Shark Attack Footage

Thank god Adam West’s Batman was on the scene in J-Bay.

Last one, promise

Last shark post and, hopefully, last Sharknado sequel.

Finally: Pleasant ocean animal news

The most heartwarming thing you’ll see this week, at least when it comes to cliffdiving dogs.

Alien Invader

The story of a Sanuk surfnaut & his dastardly deeds in the digital age.

| posted on July 24, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of July 24th

  • HardnoseMP

    When is someone going to design a electronic swim belt that repels sharks !!!

  • Raven

    During another Shark Week I saw a never before witnessed event that revealed a really fascinating phenomena. A tagged Great White was killed by a killer whale and pretty much immediately after the shark’s blood mixed in the ocean than EVERY SINGLE great white vanished simoultaneously beyond reach of all their tracking collars that only moments before had been visible on at least 11 other tagged Great Whites in the vicinity. Just a few drops and mysteriously ALL the great whites left the area!! Why can’t a lab produce pseudo “Shark Blood” to spritz where you are diving or surfing and “Walla!! No More Sharks!!” At least it is a vast improvement on killing sharks that check us out while we are in THEIR OWN BACK YARD. The researchers, (and myself), had never seen anything like it before and I have remembered, but never heard a word about it since. Great Whites are at the top of the Ocean’s food chain and are flirting with extinction. This discovery has the potential to protect both Man and Sharks from getting hurt while we are playing in the Shark’s back yard. Thousands of different species are killed every day just to have their fins cut off for “Shark Fin Soup”, (an Asian delicacy) then thrown back in the ocean to die. This particular discovery could protect every creature involved, except for the ones captured for their fins, which should be a criminal offense.

    • Kay Tee

      Wouldn’t it attract other dangerous animals to the area?
      Sharks are not the only creatures in the ocean that can bite humans…

  • Moe Curley

    There may have been other things at work here. Killer whales are very vocal, who knows maybe Great Whites are too. Sharks (and all animals) are very attuned after millennia developing alongside their prey and predators to the signals in their environment. Some whale calls can be heard across oceans.