Happy B-Day Slater! Danzig at the Beach! Mavericks Controversy!

Happy B-Day Gramps

Kelly Slater turned 44 years old this week. Or he would, if he actually aged.

Danzig: “Can Never Have Too Much Hurley”

Everything Danzig says is true. In this clip at least.

No Eddie No fun

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sail away sail away sail away



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Mavericks Controversy Makes News!

Nothing better than watching dignified non-surfers talk about surfing.

Odd Todd’s Time to Shine!

If you know, you know.

Mad Ocean Attempts to Sink Cruise Ship

You think Mavericks is scary? Try a cruise ship with the bar on lockdown.

Sanuk Welcomes Maddie Peterson!

Smiles for miles! Sanuk proudly welcomes surf sensation Maddie Peterson to its growing roster of female brand ambassadors. An elite athlete, Maddie is nearly 18 years old and has already made a strong impression on the world of surfing. Originally, hailing from New Jersey, Maddie now travels the world in search of heat wins and big grins! #NeverUncomfortable.

| posted on February 12, 2016

Random Happenings in surf for the week of February 12th