Mason Ho Courts Death! John John Gets Salty! Bodysurf craziness!

The Tour Takes 5

Ping pong brutality, astronomy, and backyard nursing pass for the old coffee break at Teahupoo.

Reminder: Bodysurfing—Still the Best

Spine-splintering fun in the sun.

Coupla corners out there

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Will He Pull It? (ha, no)



(A word from our sponsor.)

Bow before your Duke

125 years of surf history, all with the Duke to thank.

You Think This is Easy?

JJF would like to have words with those who think he gives anything less than his all.

Hardcore (tuna) poke action

No idea who Action Bronson is (shut up, I’m old). But after this clip and a quick listen, I know three things: He should be in all WSL webcasts (skip to 4:32); He loves poke; He loves Ghostface.

Alien Invader

The story of a Sanuk surfnaut & his dastardly deeds in the digital age.

| posted on August 28, 2015

The randomest happenings in surf for the week of August 28th.