What A Week!

This week was CRAZY: a 17-year-old kid almost beat Dane Reynolds on the Internet (Ah!), and then so many people Tweeted about it, even Jamie Foxx (What?!), so Dane Reynolds joined Instagram to fight back (Take that!), and he got 10,000 followers in 12 hours (!!), and then it was over :(.

Dane’s First Post

The crowd went wild.

Cam’s Last Post

“Sorry to clog the feed but this made my life. I’m a winner! Thanks @kellyslater east coast or die.” —@CamRichards123

Now That That’s Over

What do we talk about? This? This is super serious.

G Mac Got a Medal

According to Fox News, the “Hawaii surfer who rode gnarliest wave ever” was given the Vasco da Gama Navy Medal by Portugal’s Navy. “I was like, whoa, this is overwhelming,” McNamara said.

There’s still more

Comments to Dane on Instagram

When this is over danes gona delete this account and leave us with nothing


Damn, I wanna change my vote. I didn’t know Jamie Foxxx was involved.


I’m no mathematician but how do you instantly have more instagram followers than votes? #science


Another “Surf”-Related Kickstarter

Oh wow.

An 18-Mile Chocolate Wave

A pair of California surfers set the new World Record by surfing this tidal bore in the Petitcodiac River, known informally as the Chocolate River, in Canada.

A “Surfer Friendly Airline”

SATA Airlines announced this week that on flights to Portugal “boards under 4.9 ft. fly free.” Pack up your 4’6″s! (Sorry, you can’t bring your SUPZilla.)

“Surfing’s Kardashians”

According to Couriermail.com.au, the Coffey clan (Ellie-Jean, Holly-Sue, Ruby-Lee, Bonnie-Lou. For real.) have “400,000 social media followers, a string of endorsement contracts and a US reality television show in the pipeline.”

U.S. Open Anime!

Creative people with too much free time!

Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Shakas from Maui.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….

| posted on August 02, 2013

World’s Longest Wave! Instagram Fights! Surfing Kardashians! So Much More!

  • justoneopinion

    In the case of Joe Aaron. Enormously talented but in the case of the squeaky wheel, if it gets annoying, sometimes it doesn’t get oil, it gets replaced.

  • David Ashcraft

    Two skinny guys name Joe. One of them a great surfer, the other a good surfer. I don’t know what this has to do with the US Open of Surfing but I can tell you that after watching 3/4 of the video it was pretty clear that JA had to use the slow motion effect to imply that he is doing the same thing as JT in regular motion. A very distinct difference, especially on long boards. If you have an appreciation for long boarding. What has changed in my mind since watching this video? JA is a good surfer, never heard of him before. JT is still a great surfer. And they’re both skinny.

  • Pierre

    I don’t know why but I don’t like Joe Aaron’s surfing and style on a longboard. He is not smooth like Joel Tudor. I had never heard of Aaron before watching this video. JT is a pleasure for the eye to watch. Joe Aaron, on the other hand, seems more like a clown to me. No grace, no elegance in his surfing. And that is what longboarding is about. Even Taylor Jensen and his modern and radical surfing has much more style and grace than Joe Aaron. This video is an arrogant one to me. He seems confident about his surfing, but the fact that he took the time to make a comparison with Tudor in a video proves that he is not confident at all.