Wild and Weird at the U.S. Open of Surfing!

Lots of surfboarding happened in Huntington this week (watch it here). But a lot of not-surfboarding happened too. See below.

Jordy Got Engaged

On a soft-top, at Huntington Beach. Proposing in Tahiti next week came in as a close second option.

Alana Was Distracted

…By a starry-eyed streaker during an interview (after being mobbed by fans getting out of the water).

This Guy

Showed off his moves.

An Epic Battle

“Jesus Saves” vs. “Show Me Your Tits.” Photo: @kellyslater

There’s still more

U.S. Open Tweets

y u no win, Alana Blanchard?? #usopenofsurfing


Holy Cali boys. #usopenofsurfing


Literally can’t even describe how fucking awesome this is #USOpenOfSurfing


Jetskis for the 2014 Tour?

These are Fiats, made into boats, and driven through the lineup. Of course.

Girl Fights

They were clearly not there for the surfing.

And Some U.S. Open People

Where do they come from?

And More


Fans Love Julian

#marrymejulianwilson #holyfuckijustmetjulianwilson #goingtocry *actual Tweets.

Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Shakas from Maui.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….

| posted on July 26, 2013

Jordy got engaged on a soft-top! And more! U.S. Open Edition.

  • Tyler

    “This Guy” is a staple at the Pier… hes there all the time

  • The Gray


  • Beau Jeste

    Worst move ever going back to HB – crap contest, crap event…

  • tstud

    US Open of Surfing = teenagers and out of towners getting s@#t faced and trashing the town with the utmost disrespect to the people who live here and are truly here for the surfing. Sorry but all the locals and people who live and work in Huntington Beach hate this week because of all the kooks and trashy people who treat us and our town like crap. Sunday night riots downtown are an example of the problems facing this contest. Oh yeah, congratulations Alejo Muniz!

    • JC

      As a HB resident, I was there to watch and cover the surf. During the week, the morning sessions weren’t that bad cause most of the idiots weren’t out yet. However, I made the mistake of going downtown on Sunday and was met with not only terrible surf (which is why Muniz won the whole thing) but just thousands and thousands of teenagers and douche bags who were there to hook up and get messed up. Seriously, probably 80% of the people downtown didn’t even watch the contest and just wondered around half-naked with something written on their bodies to get attention.

      I enjoy the surfing cause its one of the few times we ever get to see these pros on the mainland but I’ll never go back on Sunday again. I have no desire to be in shoulder to shoulder mobs with people that think its their Spring Break away from mommy and daddy.

      • Guswer

        The only reason Kolohe got second was cause the waves were chest high, “mate”. Sore loser.

  • Adjees Martinez


  • Mytidawg

    Pretty sad display of society….rioting….just idiots….reminds me of the dumbing down of America…Idiocracy is a movie that come to mind…..looks like it is just going to get worse….people have nothing to lose…..and they certainly can give two sh$ts about surfing…..mob mentality seems to be the social norm…..hang on tight

  • Yolanda

    For the video titled “This Guy”. I really think it is funny when listening to Blurred Lines or We Can’t Stop. It makes this vid 5x as funny.