Slater Stage Diving! Super Extreme Surfing! Strange Pictures! Shaaaaaaark!

It’s remarkable how much weird happens. Enjoy.


This was on the Internet this week. Watch the video here.

Slater, A Stage Diver

Here is Kelly Slater, dancing on stage at a Pennywise concert in Coolangatta.

Point Break Re-Make Not About Surfing!

It was announced this week that the remake of Point Break will not be about surfing. The real question perhaps is, Why is Point Break being remade?

The Future?

Oh man, just wait until the lineup is teeming with these bad boys.

There’s still more

Some Tweets!!

My mind had such an eventful night last night

Balaram Stack,

Sitting on my couch, eating cookies, drinking milk, and watching golf…

Nat Young,

You can never wear too many @redbull hats!

Julian Wilson,

Spoiler Alert

Buy our June issue (on newsstands next week) if for nothing else than to see more epic portraits like this one.

Look Who’s On The Team

Hollister A-Team. (Thanks for the photo @chasdoesntsurf)

So Influential

Baking! Someone posted this on the interweb this week.

A Bikini and a Belt

Recent World Tour event winner Courtney Conlogue was featured on Outside Mag’s site this week.

Wanna Look at Owen REAL Close?

Yeah you do. Good thing Indoek Log made that possible for you. Look at it. It’s weird.

Just an Awesome Picture

Thanks LOL-Surf.

Pseudo Surfing A Psuedo Wave

A SUP comp went down in the Abu Dhabi wave pool. So extreme.

Now A Word From Our Sponsor

A moving picture! The best kind of picture!

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….

| posted on April 07, 2013

Slater Stage Diving! Super Extreme Surfing! Strange Pictures! Shaaaaaaark! Random happenings in surf for the Week of April 7.

  • Ray J

    Lol, SUP contest, oh boy

  • rich

    Some people on SUP’s are killing it now. Not everyone is a bonehead kook. More telling towards our future was the video with improved looking wave jet thing Kai Lenny is riding. When people have engines that is going to be difficult.

  • Zplopper

    So are you allowed to drop in on each other in sup conests or was that a triangle?

  • Ray J

    Rich must SUP

  • no sweepers

    I agree Ray j….Rich… were not killing it on your SUP at San O…….take it to the lake…..

  • Sully

    Sweepers suck. Catch too many waves, ride em terribly, then are right back in the lineup. Mimes > Sweepers.

  • Mik

    i warned people when the WaveJet appeared that it was a BAD idea. This Jet Surf tool is fucked. Jamie O, and anyone else pandering it are selling Surfing out to clowns. Last JOB video I will ever watch. Fucking idiot machines. Surfing is silence in Nature. Respect it or leave it.

  • jan key

    back when tom morey gave us the boogieboard… i figured how could it get any worse? breaks getting filled to over crowding with people that dont want to put any time into appreciating the feeling…. instant gratification and screw all others in the line-up. then came the resurgence of the longboard and a bunch of old farts who gave up due to not being able to keep up with their peers in the 70’s, were able to be cool again without getting too much stick……. and that’s cool because at least that is surfing…… though in my opinion [ and i started on longboards in ’62’] the real surfing is still on a small board. SUP’s….. give me a break…. and gee thanks Laird…. hope you made heaps of money….. but power boards in any shape or form?????…… i count myself lucky to have gotten into this lifestyle when it was more simple and quiet….. and jet skis….. if i wanted to do motor-cross and live in a high decibel /smelly environment…. wtf… i would have joined the angels

  • Andres

    I believe the “Point Break re-make-not-about-surfing” has been done already… It was called Fast and Furious… Probably by the same guys that remade Dances With Wolves in Space, and called it Avatar….

  • gannysesh

    They made that Point Break announcement about eight months ago.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Got to agree with Mik, this is a bad news story, we will have assholes killing people on those f1 boards if they catch on

  • J Tonn

    Those jet boards look fun, on a lake or a river… if its used in the ocean to catch waves, thats not surfing!!!! Cmon people…