Mystery Creatures! Lady Beards! Bikinis! SUPsquatch! Things to Have Opinions About!

And some other things to put in your eye holes.

New ASP Profiles

Got all sorts of weird. And nakey.

See more here.

Beast of the Eastern Wild

This creature washed up on a beach in Wales.
It has the “the face of a horse, the body of a pig and the claws of a bear.”

Harlem Shake Off

No, this thing isn’t dead yet.
Here’s SPY’s attempt.

Make It Stop

And here Oakley gets in on the action.
You like?

There’s still more

Some Tweets!!

A couple more redbulls and I can fly

12:35 pm March 2

Meat is murder! Tasty Tasty Murder!!

12:39 pm March 2

No pulse yet… More redbull please….

12:43 pm March 2

Quik Invites You to Enjoy the Chicks

No, no, not the surfer chicks.
These ones.

Anderson Cooper + GMac

You guys had lots of opinions about GMac this week.
Here, have more.

San Clemente, Third Happiest City

Using Tweets as a (highly accurate) measure of happiness, a study this week ranked us #3. Pretty sure the Gudauski are solely responsible for that.

The Steven Tyler Bill

This week, Hawaii Senate passed a bill that will “protect celebrities from overeager paparazzi by creating a civil violation if people take unwanted photos..of their private moments.” No more pics like these.

Many Men on One SUP

Here’s a photo from Kauai this week. Click here to watch more SUPsquatching.

Many Men on Many SUPs

The new morning commute?

Sharks and Bikinis!

No week would be complete without them, right?

I Don’t Know

What is this? Why is it on the Internet? Why is it so creepy? So many questions?

Lady Beard of the Week

Thanks @Salty_Beards. Sally hearts her ginger face-hug.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Backyards, Beers, and BBQs.

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

The End. Tune in next week for more, and the week after that, and the week after that….

| posted on March 08, 2013

Random happenings in surf for the Week of March 4.

  • Jeremy Moncur

    I love Shred Show, that guy has a good video on the Channel Islands Sperm Whale.

  • Jen

    I don’t think the guy rubbing the surfboard is creepy – he’s hot!!

  • Eben

    Way to step up your week in review game Surfer. Sanuk’s rad and the new layout is awesome. My favorite Surfer Mag feature just got better. I’m with you on the wtf about the surfboard rubbing shred show guy. i’ve ran into like 3 of his videos in the past week.

  • Kaipo

    That Shred show braddah is interesting!! If he’s ever in hawaii, come my house but no steal my slippers yeah!! i kinna want to meet that haole!

  • Eric

    Shred Show is so boss!

  • salty boat barnacle

    Finally someone who’s trying to market surfboards in a creative way instead of trying to sell me headphones, wrist watches and special pants for surfers when they’re not surfing (wtf). If it wasn’t for such horrible margins in surfboards we’d have magazines and websites supported by board makers and not t-shirt companies and shaving gel. Good on this guy.

  • Kaipo

    Dat Shred Sho Brahdda can come over for poi on the east side anytime.

  • Marc Crosby

    That Shred show guy is legit and he could be the only person to claim harder than chuck norris

  • whatever

    How any of you like this sexy surfboard fool is beyond me. A kook gets a hold of a surfboard and starts fawning over it and whats next? Andrson Cooper is going to bring G Mac to his black room and interview the nut about the rush of rubbing a surfboard then they’ll all sit on it with a picture of Shipstern’s behind them and hold go pro cameras like a bunch of school girls while the producer yells from the side that they’re holding each other too tight . Dora’s rolling in his grave. Give me more of Alana’s ass and send me some free Sanuks.

  • Mike Jones

    Brah with the board needs a lady or to live somewhere with better waves. Drink less Red Bull Brah. You got me stoked to go surf.

  • Cory

    I know when I smile creepily while rubbing things, that thing doesn’t usually end up being a surfboard. But hey, whatever floats your boat…or board…whichever. I subscribed and I’m anticipating more creepiness in the future. Carry on!

  • shaper

    Barnacle, no one gets rich off surfboards. Unless you sell out to Burton you’re doomed as a board builder to work in a shed and eat ramen most nights.

  • Stephen

    Whatever brosef. this guy is obviously joking and so what. Its funny and its no weirder than sleeping with a new board. And thats been the running joke in surfing forever. Dora is not stoked you’re gloating all over some chicks ass on a surf website either. No Sanuk’s for you. Barn-O.

  • Channel Islands fan

    I surf a ci dagger around o’side and carlsbad on most small days. Works good.

  • Zack

    Shred show dude is the best video on here. I want to see more!!!

  • Oi Oi Oi

    For those who have watched his other videos I believe we can all come into agreement that this shred show individual is singlehandedly responsible for supporting the energy supplement industry.

  • Mikey V

    Shred Show is rad. Not creepy in the least, passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is contagious. May not be the typical stereotype surfer persona, but the dude absolutely knows his stuff and he is set for big things. BIG TINGS!

  • Alana’s butt sags?

    Ask most surfers about surfboard design and they dont’ know anything. They also think that surfbooards are these incredibly complex pieces of art that are way over their heads. Ask most people at surf shops to explain a boards design to you and they can’t do it either. For all the information about surfboard designs out there its amazing how little of it matters. A board either feels good under your feet or it doesnt, and other than that there really isn’t anything you need to know about a surfboards shape. Just get a good volume. I’d rather a rub and a smile than a dissertation on toe, cant, rocker measurements and a load of other jargon that doesn’t really matter when it comes to liking a board or not. Just find any board you can and go surfing.

  • Ahuimanu

    Mahalo’s to the surfboard guy for not starting his videos with five minutes of intros showing lifestyle b roll (boats in a harbor, buying a burrito, waxing his board, chatting with girlfriends). If you wanna stroke a surfboard just stroke it and get it over with.

  • s.a. expatriate

    The surfboard stroker is more annoying than Paul Fisher and Wacko Wilko combined. The only thing these sponsors care about is page views. It’s why every kid barely worthy of free trunks has his own web show. Maybe I’m dating myself too much but does anyone else remember what it was like to go to a surf film premiere when you were growing up? Thats gone in exchange for an endless supply of crumby internet video. Sponsors don’t care about cutbacks anymore they care “persona” and “sell-ability”.

  • Ken

    I WANNA RUB A SERF BARD! and I have an internet tv show about cats.

  • Dakine

    What!!??? Who is this guy?

  • Shane

    I grew up in San Clemente but now live on the North Shore of Oahu. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Hawaii is about 1000X if not 1000000X better than any place in California. And yes I have been down PCH from Oregon to Mexico so it’s not just some guy talking out of his a**. The people in Hawaii are happier, humbler, cooler, friendlier…etc. So that whatever twitter garbage survey can suck a dick.

    Oh and I’ve seen a bunch of shred show episodes, they’re not creepy at all. Just some guy talking about sick boards and he has a pretty damn good opinion of them at that.

  • Kayla

    Loving the Shred Snow guy. He’s creepy? Not seeing it. Here in Hawaii we call that pure awesomeness!

  • muchacho

    The surfboard guy is on the internet cause he’s bamf. I’ll respect anyone that comes out of nowhere like him and blows up on you tube without any prior credibility or following in the surf world. Internet video is a tough game. Good for him if he’s stoked on surfboards and found some way to get them without having to pay $700 at HSS. He’s not creepy he’s intentionally trying to entertain with creative editing. Watch the full episode.

  • Pepe

    Surfboards and “getting weird” are two of my favorite things….thanks for shred show

  • Ron Milstead

    coulda sworn i saw another shred show video on stab mag a few weeks ago but it was normal.

  • Jaco

    Shred show is wicked. Definitely worth watching the full episodes. Good on him for being stoked on surfboards and getting it across on the internet! Seems to be doing something right if people are talking about it.
    Keep making videos cuzzie, pack a few boards and come shred some waves in NZ!

  • wtf

    How does the guy you don’t like still get you stoked to go surfing?

  • Gordon Hachtman

    Shred Show dominates…good stuff……keep rubbin your shred sticks bro.

  • KeithH

    I’m up for any smart surf-related video that isn’t Harlem Shake related. Shred Show is great.

  • ummm

    If you’re not outraged that someone gets free surfboards to rub in videos and make goofy commercials with then you’re not paying attention. It’s more than creepy.

  • Lenny

    haha. Call it creepy, get mad, it’s whatever. I think we all understand whats really happening here. He made it creepy intentionally. No need to fuss. Saw this on one of the local Oregon surf message boards. Don’t come here the waves are terrible and there’s sharks everywhere.

  • moonshine

    When my K whip was a month old I set it on the work bench in my garage and it fell right off and I freaked the f#@$ out. I checked it over and over again, looking for dings and any clue that something was wrong and when I found nothing I smiled big like this ding searcher.