Surfer punches shark! Leo loves great whites!
Scuba diving in space!

Would you rather have a shark bite your left butt cheek or your forearm?

Surfer punches shark!

Mark Byrne’s “quick reflexes” helped him “narrowly escape the jaws of death” as a shark tried to eat his “left butt cheek.” His reason for staying out after is amazing (2:30).

Leonardo DiCaprio Loves Sharks

The Wolf of Wall Street almost became the lunch of a great white. (2:38)

Deadly Cutback

A kite surfer in Florida had a shark munch on his arm halfway through a cutback. Might be better off sticking to airs.

Even more sharks

On second thought, that was actually a mackerel

Double Shakas

In Houston, you can “hang-ten without the water.” The lady’s face at 0:38 followed by a massive double shaka are too good.

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William Ferrell Surfs

And he is concerned about “American Professional Surfers.”

Facebook Comments

Will Ferrell is taller than Kelly Slater

Wait is Kelly Slater really that short or is this just evidence that Will Ferrell was birthed by abnormally large ogres?

Ian Hebson

Slater’s not that tall, but he is a giant as the world’s best surfer ever.

Edgar Malveiro

Kelly Slater is 5’9″ Most pro surfers aren’t that tall lol

Katie Larkins

We found your dream home

That’s if you want to move to foggy London town. These “surf and turf” property packages cost a mere $540k and come with an “artificial surf wave machine.”

Scuba diving > surfing

Apparently, the idea of surfing on Saturn’s moon Titan is too crazy. But scuba diving, on the other hand, is much more feasible.

Surf Sauna

These cold-water surfers turned geniuses figured out a way to surf all day in New Hampshire’s frigid conditions.

Schlongboarder Round 2

Paul Fisher’s infamous “dick surfboard” rises again for a couple lip bashes on the Gold Coast.

Last Call

SURFER Photographer Chris Burkard was on Last Call with Carson Daly to discuss his new book “Distant Shores” and Russians shooting guns on the beach.

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| posted on March 28, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of March 24.

  • Randy Rothschilde

    Im bewildered how a seemingly normal person that surfs becomes famous to the world with bravado recognized from a punch to a sharks head. In the surf industry a surfer takes most their time to perform and become recognized, but now we normal surfers are victims ourselves to the auspices of survivors from shark attacks. This is a fucked up world. Glad to see you survived bud – now you are surely subrogated to a new world order.

  • Freida Cottsmith

    Ive never intentionally rode on the coat tails of documented shark encounters. Though my run-in wasn’t meant for the mainstream, I’d rather make this guy worth it by paddling out first.

  • Rep. Clyve Hermandosa

    All the naysayers that will go out to eradicate the species, pervent further attacks, label themselves shark hunters and so on might take divisive measures with state agencies before killing the sharks for sport or animal and herd control. The highway act that eroded policies from before, certainly avoids the staunch sovereign advocate who would never allow extreme recourse and rights to their god, to hold any slaughter in abeyance.

  • Curt Manyard

    Putting up news streams baiting frivilous lawsuits of franchisors in the matter of surfboard or other wave riding instrument, lends newsworthy opportunities for yellow or gonzo journalism, not really much to fuss about. Unless standup paddleboarders have permits keeping a regular paddle surfer out of the shark infested surf zones, with placated, mounted video cameras, et al. Hero, notwithstanding nor guarded agaist.

  • NewEraStationFife

    Another blatant debasement to lower the value of surf media by reducing the content of precious tangible goods. Franchisees would allow shark hunters to act as surfers for the next embellished photo op for 50-yard-line season tickets at the local NFL stadium.