Waves in space! Hipster Scum! Slater Haters!

If the leash ruined surfing, hipsters killed it.

Out of this World

Scientists discovered waves on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Good luck topping that Rip Curl.

When will it end?

Just when you thought it was over, Fox News brings back the welfare surfer.

Surfer in the Snow

It gets really creepy around the two-minute mark.

Surfer made of Snow

The things surfers do when they can’t surf…

Wet suit

Not to be confused with wetsuit.

Hipster Scum

“Leg ropes” are too popular so this new breed of surfers has opted for a more obscure approach to surfing, according to The Telegraph.

Surfer Facebook Comments

Context Free

Makes your butt pucker a little bit.

Alex Tripp

Where the fak is this have to get a shred sesh and nighty on the go got gent now!!!

Arthur Youe

Fookin hell ENGLAND that’s sick innit!

David Rogers

“Dolphin Boy”

I bet the dolphin did it on porpoise. See what I did there?

“Brooklyn’s Lone Pro Surfer”

Does Mikey DeTemple live in a J Crew catalog?

Drones Take Over

60 Minutes explored the world of commercial drones and decided to throw in some Pipeline clips. Skip to 3:42, unless you are into things other than surfing.


Even The Champ is a victim of localism. Does Mick Fanning have an alibi?

Just ’cause


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| posted on March 21, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of March 17.

  • poo butt


  • njsurf2

    It really bugs me with the Welfare Surfer. Fox has to title him Jason Greenslate: Surfer and Welfare person. Putting his name to the word surfer is just stupid. The guy is no way a surfer but just an absolute bum. When people see that and the word surfer, that’s all they think now. They think that all surfers are bums, with no job, no education, etc. Well us surfers are so much more than that. We are the ones helping to better the environment and help people in diasaster relief (John Rose + Waves for water). Our world of surfing just gets a terrible rep, from people that don’t follow this great sport. So frustrating to have FOX News title Greenslate as a “surfer”.

    • HellsYeahs

      The dude isn’t a surfer he’s a fox plant. It’s too obvious, but then again, the average fox viewer (white male 55 and older) believes everything they spew.
      Funny how they don’t have any representation of the majority of welfare recipients which are white southerner republicans.

  • Nh

    Week in and week out this column is shit

    • David Germain

      Well make it better then…

  • Douglas Hagluet

    Don’t know why the Mickey DeTemple picture reminds me of White Castle.

  • ingenious

    comment on the leg rope article…guys needs to patent this…

    ‘Someone’s got to make a surfboard that you can fill with water so you can more easily submerse it when paddling out to duck under incoming surfboards and walls of foam, then when you’re out past the breakers, press a button to drain it and fill with air for buoyancy.’

    • EWL

      Ummm………..what? Jason Greenslate is that you?

  • Dirge

    I wouldn’t want to be in North Dakota either, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAnnnity

  • Bendril

    Who can blame a surfer surrounded by that much snow for making a video like

  • Bendril

    … that. 10/10

  • ThatDank

    wow that news caster was such a fucking dickhead. it would be hard to keep your composure. not saying that the ratlife shithead is anybetter.

  • Bro Shred

    Welfare surfer is classic. Just proves the media is to blame for misconceptions more than the dude fulfilling some stereotype. If you take this serious the joke is on you……

  • BobR

    I actually think surfer dude did pretty well up against Hannity. He didn’t buckle or backpedal. Hopefully he does get paid big bucks someday and pays lots of taxes to make up for what he has taken. But Hannity’s right: the guy should get a job and pay for his own lobster dinners.

  • BobR

    I think it’s about time middle America got another example of a dirtbag surfer to reinforce the stereotype. Good on ya Fox!