Worst Wipeout Ever! Biggest Wave Ever!
Sally Fitzgibbons!

A week of failure and triumph. Enjoy!

GoPro Fail

Either the dude is a total kook or he hates shoulder hoppers. Regardless, this is as hard (read enjoyable) to watch as massive Teahupoo wipeouts.

Kiteboarder Fail

Well, that got out of hand quickly.

Plumber Catches “Biggest Wave Ever”

Englishman Andrew Cotton, a big-wave surfer who supports his addiction by being a plumber, caught what some have called “an 80ft wave.”

Looking for love? Learn to surf.

Wired scoured online dating sites OkCupid and Match.com in search of the perfect profile. Their findings: “Learn to surf, listen to Radiohead, and mind your grammar.” According to their chart, if you can do yoga while surfing, you win.


BREAKING: Kelly Slater has signed on to star in Sterling Spencer’s new movie! In other Sterling news, he scored the new Rolling Stone cover.

Who put that jetty there?

A Spanish cargo ship broke in half after hitting the jetty at Les Cavaliers, a fairly well known French surf spot near Bayonne.

Twitter Madness

In 140 characters or less

Emojionally unavailable

Anastasia Ashley,

Surfer is just another word for I suck at music.

Not Dane Reynolds,

Kelly Slater is an alien.

Not Dane Reynolds,

“Hey, surfer girl!”

World Tour standout and all-around babe Sally Fitzgibbons posed for Cosmopolitan Australia. Do yourself a favor and see all the photos here.

More Sally Fitzgibbons

A new documentary about her called “Behind The Smile” is in the works. Spoiler alert: “It’s not all smiles.”

Luxury Surf-Vehicle

Garrett McNamara teamed up with Mercedes Benz to create a surfboard. No it doesn’t have seat warmers, but it does have a telemetry system for him to “analyze his performance after a run.”

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Sanuk ambassador Matt Meola stars in their second episode of Space to Play. Check it out:

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

Until next week my friends, until next week.

| posted on February 07, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of January 13.

  • HotRightNow

    I hadn’t really considered the potential of GoPros to prosecute surf bullies. If you can hang onto the footage, that is.

  • marley

    Why is it enjoyable to watch? You must be one of those psychos in the water


    UMMM YOU MUST NOT SURF….he was already on the wave its his SHE WAS DROPPING IN

  • Woody Woodworth

    Wow. Just wow, It looks like he intentionally turned into her. On an NSP too. Typical. I hope that guy knows that the global surfing community considers him a total kook-barney-donkey-looser. Show up to my lineup and see how well things work out for you brah! Learn to turn before trying to intimidate girls in the lineup duuuuude, Karma is a beeeeyotch.

  • Woody Woodworth

    That’s not Sally. She would not have let that happen to her. Too much experience. Some girl named Leanne gets hit in the head by a Sri Lankan surfer in Arugambay. She’s all good now though although she was nearly knocked out.

  • chone

    Basically, the telemetry system works in a very fine tuned way of telling yourself you’re a twat.

  • qzdqzd

    ferme ta gueule

  • gern blanston

    Well, I would say that they are both kooks, she shouldn’t have been paddling for a wave that someone was already on.