Surfer punches shark! Surf Rage! Sit Down Paddling!

Ahh Friday, the happiest of days. Enjoy the three-day weekend.

Badass of the Week

Darren Mills was surfing in New Zealand when a shark attacked him. He fought back and miraculously lived to tell the tale. To top it all off, he plans on surfing again.

Surf Rage

We knew the crowds were aggro on the Gold Coast, but this is another level of hostility. Mark Morlock was speared in the eye at Snapper Rocks by a surfer he had “unwittingly cut off” five months prior.

Surf & Turf

Golf Digest explored pro surfers’ attraction to hitting the links during downtime. Apparently, there are a lot of similarities between the two sports.

Don’t worry, Anastasia golfs too

Or, rather, she “stuns in surf and on turf,” according to the Backnine Network. You’ll love the gallery they made of her.

The newest extreme sport?

Argentinian surfers turned river riding pioneers hope to attract tourists to their “surf spot” like Munich in Germany does. Good luck with that.

Bethany Hamilton 2016

The “Soul Surfer” spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast alongside President Obama. Are politics in her future?


A whole lot of nothing

How is curling a sport in the Winter Olympics and surfing isn’t in the summer Olympics. #thingsIwillneverunderstand

Nage Melamed,

RETWEET if you’d rather be surfing #TeamLaird

Laird Hamilton,

Gold bond is a life savor when traveling!

Ricky Whitlock,

Champagne Facial

Kalani Robb’s new sponsor allowed him to live out a dream sequence for his welcome video.


Sterling Spencer has teamed up with his best friend Rob Machado on a journey toward “legend status.” He’ll be eating acai bowls and combing his dreads in the Seaside parking lot in no time.


Surfing’s first billionaire, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman, filed paperwork to enter the stock market. Will they ride the wave of technology or wipeout on market fluctuations?

Worst Wipeout Ever Full version!

Perhaps it was the popularity of this GoPro video that prompted Nick Woodman to take the company public.

SDP: Sit Down Paddling

Hopefully not coming to a lineup near you.

…And A Word From Our Sponsor

Sanuk ambassador and iconic photographer Steve Sherman stars in their
first episode of Space to Play. Check it out:

Thanks to our friends at Sanuk for supporting this amazing piece of hard-hitting journalism.

Until next week my friends, until next week.

| posted on February 14, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of February 10.

  • Nick

    The only thing that seat might be good for is SUP fishing. In any other setting, it just looks ridiculous.

  • Kelly Slater

    who the F*ck writes this SH#T!!!

  • JM101

    Great – so some asshole just re-invented canoeing. And until you interview the shark that bit Bethany Hamilton and the shark actually admits some all powerful white christian “god” made him/her do it, maybe spare us from that too. I just want to know what Benji Weatherly is up to… F**k it, I’m going back to bed.

  • Jumpy

    There needs to be a concerted effort to weed out bullies and localism from our sport. The incident involving Mark Morlock is reason enough in itself. The type of jock asshole that uses some interpretation of I’ll defined etiquette to assault someone should become a pariah in our culture. As a publication that attracts thousands of people you have a personal responsibility to take an active role in this.

    • mangemongland

      I could not agree more

  • eLmuchacho

    well you can see what Kalani is up to at least for now.

  • Spooner

    i hope gopro tanks

  • Ill snake you all day

    Keep the country country, go home kooks.

  • Michael Cornish

    Obama at a prayer meeting. He sure don’t act like a christian.

  • jan key

    SUP’s are the goat boats of the new millennium…. Laird baby should be flogged…. hope he made a buck out of it,,,,, freakin streetwalker in boardshorts….. really what is wrong with a real surfboard?? I am an old fart and I look back with distaste at the days of the ‘boggieboard ‘ heyday….. some got into it no doubt but most were just floating trash

  • Mc shizzzle

    Yea bro, go pro is gonna tank. Tank (pidgin) all the people for buying it.

  • RaTard

    The guy at Snapper Mark Morlock deserved what he got…we need more beat downs in the water. Venture Glide is the future of all surfing….as is the Argentina river surfing. Those guys really rip, shred, and go off big time.