JJF bloopers! Roof surfing! Whale encounter! Surfin' Reggae!

JJF Bloopers

Okay, I get it– he’s human. Is this supposed to make me feel better about my surfing or something?

Poor Whale

This alien-looking whale was just enjoying a peaceful dawn patrol session off the coast of San Diego when the paparazzi showed up. But seriously, someone get that thing some Vitamin C.

Free as a bird

A photo posted by Jordy Smith (@jordysmith88) on




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Woof Surf League (WSL)

Small waves. An overly dramatic interference at :32. And the boxer getting chaired up the beach in a yellow jersey? Tell me this doesn’t remind you of the last day of the Hurley Pro.

Didn’t make the drop

I mean, nothing about that situation seemed like a smart idea. But next time you try a rock-n-roll floater off the roof, at least stick the landing with style.

Surfin’ Reggae

Good luck getting this Rastafarian jingle out of your head any time soon.

Sanuk Welcomes Lauren Hill

Sanuk proudly welcomes Lauren Hill – surfer, writer, activist, smiler. For our first (official) adventure with Lauren, we decided to chart a course for the Hawaiian islands… Aloooooooha!

| posted on October 02, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of October 2nd

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