Dinosaurs clear the lineup! Wear your wetsuit to the office! Absurd surf commentary!

The wetsuit suit

Yes, this suit is a neoprene wetsuit. But tell me more about the pen in his pocket that sends text messages from the ocean.

Take a lesson, Turpel

Just Peter Townend screaming his head off broadcasting the 1990 Bud Pro Tour Lowers contest.
At the 5:40 mark, PT nearly explodes.

Shredding the gnar pow

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Boardslide to cannonball



(A word from our sponsor.)

Jurassic Park 4 Solves Overcrowding

Who hasn’t wished this fate upon backpaddlers?

Danish surf comedy

If you weren’t able to attend the Danish surf film festival, this is what you missed.

Man saves drone for some reason

Oh man, you were so close! The drone almost sank to the bottom where it belongs.

Party on, Sanuk

Comfortable feet always bring the beat.

| posted on April 24, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of April 24th