Girls Love John John! Orcas love SUPS! Laird Loves Jetboards!


Just honestly had no idea teenage girls loved John John so much.


Kinda feels like Laird is trolling the shit out of the surf world sometimes.

sweet dreams!

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Nothing to do with surfing



(A word from our sponsor.)

Lunada Loc-Dogs

The struggle is real, you guys.

Meet Bitey, the Curious Orca

A little orca on SUP romance was kindled in New Zealand this week. They look so cute together.

The Fourth Malloy?

Flashback Friday: Taylor Steele’s “Double Up” set the high water mark for surf film sketches. SNL quality right here.

Hey, Torrey Meister!

Welcome back.

| posted on May 22, 2015

Random happenings in surf for the week of May 22nd

  • sudf

    laird is just using his ability to explore craft. does that not like a shit ton of fun?

  • Felix R

    how could you possibly miss this gem…..,surfset-fitness,736475.asp

  • party of common sense

    classic…the best surfer in the world….who hasn’t paddled into a wave in what…like 15 years…