Insane wipeout! SUPing with sharks! Volcano surfing!

What’s scarier: flying 20 feet over the falls onto dry sand or SUPing with a great white?

El Rollo Gone Wrong

Not sure what’s better: the bodyboarder flying over the falls or the filmer’s excitement.

Bungee Gone Right

The JOB 4.0 crew discovered a foolproof formula: “Bikini babes” and bungee cords.

Splash of Great White

Taking it on the rocks has a whole new meaning.

SUPing with a Shark

I hope his trunks came with a built in diaper ’cause we all know what he really means
by “Shakin’ like a leaf.”.

Bells Beach Carnage

Nikki Van Dijk, also giving taking it on the rocks a whole new meaning. She could use a
drink after this fall.


Anastasia Ashley has pulled off the impossible; she’s made eating on the beach in a
bathing suit look appetizing. Comments

Jordy’s Bells Beach 10*

It was easily a point better than Julians 9.13. In fact if Julians was a 9, Jordys wave was a 12.

-Jordy Fan

That was by far the best wave of the event (let alone the heat). To me, Jordy won the event right there with that wave.

-Jason Harley

Best surfed wave of the contest.


Volcano Surfing

Nicaragua’s newest surf spot might literally blast you off the top. Feel free to skip to
the 45-second mark.

Snowboard Surfing

We all know snowboarders want to be surfers, but after watching this, I want to
be a snowboarder.

A Royally Bad Joke

Maybe don’t open with a joke next time, Tony Abbott, the P.M. of Australia. Especially if it involves Kelly Slater.

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| posted on April 25, 2014

Random happenings in surf for the Week of April 14.