Wipeout of the Year Nominees

The year's heaviest carnage, as determined by the Billabong XXL Awards

| posted on April 08, 2014

Every single one of these Wipeout of the Year nominees will put a pit in your stomach. Just like the Ride of the Year nominees, any of these five could take home the award. Which do you think should win?:

Shawn Dollar – Mavericks, California
Alex Martins – Mavericks, California
Jamie Mitchell – Belharra, France
Alain Riou – Teahupoo, Tahiti
Koa Rothman – Teahupoo, Tahiti

  • Cameron Smith

    Alain Riou was easily the gnarliest. Dude got towed in at full speed just to faceplant and get tossed.

  • Jim

    Alain Riou for sure

  • Allison Dickey

    Alain or Koa. It’s a hard decision between those 2

  • Kiki Szillat

    Alain riou ,that was the hardest smash face plant. Out of all the vids

  • jswigga

    My. Word. Alex Martins was the worst. Frigid water and complete inhalation.

  • Lloyd

    Just imagine Jamie Mitchell not only falling off his board and the lip falling on top of him for a short ride but unwillingly body surfing for at least 25 meters while the lip was being forced down his lungs and thats just the beginning. then probably dragged another 100 meters (underwater) past that. Teahupoo is a violent but quick wipeout usually. Guys get bounced off of that reef and pop right back up to the surface all of the time. Deep water waves are way more intense hence the need for inflatable vests in a lot of the breaks now a days.

  • Matt

    Alain. Double backflip going full speed. Hands down gnarlest

  • jjbagus

    holly shit!! poor alain!

  • frontstmaui

    I look at a few things before judging. 1) The commitment to the wave 2) The possibility of making the wave after dropping in. 3) The effort put out paddling in.
    Based on those values, I give it to Jamie Mitchell. The first video showed the surfer on the shoulder of the forming wave with rescuers sitting right there. The second video showed the surfer dropping in on a completely unmakeable wave in which he was just going to ride it out in front of the white wash if he could. The 2 tow in waves are brutal and Teahupoo is legendary for grinding up surfers, but you towed in. That gives any surfer strapped to a board a huge advantage. And although I have never surfed Tahiti, 90% of the wipeouts occur at that very spot where the wave wedges up over the reef and catches the nose of the board… they should expect that.
    Which leaves me to my choice. Jamie Mitchell. That was a wave that wasn’t closing out. And although his drop in was late enough he could have backed out, he charged it anyway. That face was double the Mavericks waves it seemed and unlike Teahupoo, which grinds you bad on the reef, that wave is going to hold you down for a while. I am from Hawaii and hate to give props to an Aussie, but that was a sick wipeout

  • Guillermo

    Alain Riou…all day. Fuck that shit.

  • Andy Watt

    Alain Riou looked by far the worst. You properly see him getting tossed around like a rag doll.

  • Sy Kraft


  • Señor Nastió

    I agree with most that the Teachupoo wipe outs where the best but you need to take the whole wipe out into consideration. In those Mavericks and Belharra wipeouts they are being dragged sooo deep under the water that its a factor we do not take into consideration. Although id say Alain got tossed like a literal rag doll but I think the worst one was Alex or Shawn.