Wind Driven

POV barrel after POV barrel from the perspective of Brett Barley

| posted on February 27, 2014

The one-man show that is Brett Barley continues to film and edit next level clips. Past edits have included shots from the beach, but this one is solely from the perspective of the surfer. Savor each one of these East Coast barrels, one after another.

  • Keven Camara

    what kind of mount is he using?

    • Brett Barley

      I use the head strap mount, with the straps cut off, and then I bite it. I put padding on the plastic so it isn’t hard on your teeth. works great, and leaves your hands 100% free.

      You have to film with the GoPro upside down, and it sits on your chin basically. perfect spot to film out of the barrel.

      • Paul

        What do you do when you fall or when duck diving? Do you a rope “leash” on it?

        • Brett Barley

          Duck diving is fine, because I just hold the mount in my mouth as usual. Although when you come up, it’s good to blow air out before inhaling so you don’t suck any water cupped in the mount, into your first breath.

          I do have a leash system set up though, because some wipeouts are too rough to hold onto the camera through. I detached the ankle strap of a Dakine leash, and put it around my arm, then have some rope going from that, to the GoPro.

          At 0:15sec into the video in the url below, you can see a glimpse of the leash system on my arm.

          Hope that helps…

  • Paul

    Kine Kine Barrells !

  • Hendrix

    Good stuff!