Where’s Kelly?

The question on everyone's mind at J-Bay

| posted on July 21, 2011

  • Vidal Cordova

    Julian Wilson’s & Owen Wright’s comments about KS’s no show being disrespectful, etc, shows what I had thought of when KS won 10: the day he decides to not do the tour anymore will be the tour’s loss more than his. The World Title won’t have as satisfying of a taste if it didn’t involve beating Kelly on the way. Time to step up your game guys, and just be ready for a tour without KS sometime in the future, bc he isn’t going to be around forever. And the heats you do have with him, whether you win or lose, cherish them bc it’s a special privilege to compete against that guy. God knows I hope I just get to go watch him compete in more events before the big R is announced.

  • Brass Balls

    I love how Julian calls out Kelly? No more friendly Quik mates. Sign on the line which is dotted _________________________.

  • Oswaldo

    Bitter because most fans wont stay up ’till 2 am to watch julian wilson in a heat? That is the real problem when slater is gone or if dane doesnt come back. Julian Wilson and Owen come across as greedy, entitled, immature, ignorant. They should grow up and realize that the very person they are criticisng has spent two decades elevating professional surfing to the point where these kids can make a living. Slater does not owe them anything. He has done more than enough for them and surfing. if he wants to surf selected contests then we as fans and the other pros should thankful he is doing so – especially since he won last year and could have retired. Surfing is not a team sport – stop relying on slater to validate your sport or wins.

  • Joe Mama

    This video should have been named “Who Wants to Join Surfer Magazine in the Media Crucification of Kelly Slater”. Keep that Karma away from me, please!

    Kelly, hope you had fun on your vacation after at least 10 years doing what we all love to do!

  • wills

    fuk if i were kelly i would fake my own death and just go ape shit

  • paul

    washed up sod lot. shut it and get back out there and improve. the day you win 11 is the day you can criticise KS.

  • Al Goodwin

    Disrespectful? If those guys were true competitors they would be grateful for anything that might make their passage to the finals easier.
    I reckon they’re saying stuff that they think people want to hear….but they’re wrong.
    The older, wiser guys know the score and they also know Kelly can still win this years title if he can be fucked.
    I hope he can, his presence makes any contest way more exciting