What a Grom

12-year-old Kyuss King on a tear through Byron Bay

| posted on February 15, 2013

  • Mik

    not too stoked on any grom who almost runs over 3 people in his alleged breakout video. not buying the metal soundtrack either. a Volcom sticker isn’t instant coolness, boyo. surfs ok? i guess. just not ok enough to like.

  • Rik

    stoked to see the little kid from Believe still surfing, and surfing really well. it kind of sucks though; but in a good way… kind of. The kids these days make guys like me at age 24 look like corky carroll or something

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Call me old fashioned but I find it pretty distasteful that a company tries to make money from a child. I can understand the benifits of a child working with a shaper from an early age (for the child) but I don’t see the upside of signing for a clothing company – maybe they bring the childern on surf trips – I don’t know, but I think its all questionable. Not stating this in regards to just this video, or these sponsors. The kid does rip though…

  • Donny

    The kid is absolutely ripping!!!…. Such an epic clip!!! my kids keep watching it!!.. Wow.
    Makes me laugh to see haters writing anything negative about a kid who is talented and having a dam good time doing what he loves…
    Haters, get off the lounge, there’s a world happening out there.. Small minds voice their hate.
    Go surfing Mik and smile a little….

    Positive Power to the groms doing good in the world!!!

  • alpharoots

    spoilt lil rich kid getting boards like they r disposable. brand new clothes evry week. fucker duznt know how lucky he is.

  • Jimmy

    Kid is ripping!!! Mik and Alpharoots you both sound like bitter fools and no doubt kooks in the water!. The Kid is 12 and obviously loving what he does and being rewarded for his talents and hard work, Keep ripping little Grom. Positive vibes to you! Don’t listen to the many bitter and jealous haters that are out there walking our planet and clogging social media.