West African Wedges

A small crew scores Nigerian A-frames in a video supplement to our February issue

| posted on January 11, 2012

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  • “Major Pain”

    Although I have spoken to Nigerians regarding The Surf, I have never read an article (“ANARCHY AND A – FRAMES”), which actually depicted Surfers taking advantage of Waves. That all changed with the February 2012 issue of SURFER Magazine.

    Nigeria is being “Raped” of its Oil, by unscrupulous Outsiders. Sadly, I suspect after that article, it will also be “Raped” of its once Pristine Beaches.

    There is also an interesting article regarding Sharks entitled , ‘THE RED TRIANGLE.’ Although discussing Monterey to Bodega Bay, that article reminded me of “My Idiot Surfing Days,” when I used to Surf 30 Miles of Restricted Beach at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Since I still continue to “Break – The – Rules,“ by Surfing Alone, after seeing a School of Sharks below me during the Mid 1990’s, I have never returned. (In October 2010, A Surfer was Killed by A Shark close to where I saw that School.)

    (On “A Lighter Note”):

    LMBO: “Jeff, I heard Ayn Rand hopped Karl Marx at Pipeline. Go Figure.” ~ SURFER Magazine (February 2012, Response to Letters to the Editor)

    Now THAT was hilarious. I detest Ayn Rand and The Idiot Libertarians (pretending to be Republicans), who worship that Dead Wench. Thanks for the “Comic Relief.” I did radio shows for years chastising The Memory of that Deceased, Hardcore Atheist, Self – Absorbed, Sex Addict, And California Serial Rapist – Murderer Edward Hickman – Worshipping Ayn Rand.

    Even MORE Hilarious; Imagine that Reader‘s response to “HIGHWAY TO HELSINKI (Socialized education, fun surf, and close proximity to golden – haired Scandinavians?)”

  • Mik

    Great surfer. So hard to surf waves like that…. Rad.

  • andre

    i went to ucsb and a fellow classmate was the one eaten by a shark at the AFB, scary stuff. never surfed there though

  • EkosurfG

    Lagos doesn’t have any ‘pristine’ beaches unfortunately. all polluted with sewage and decomposing food, human/animal flesh esp TB; you see all those houses around there, the locals use the bay as their bathtub, toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, dustbin the works.

  • HL

    What is the name of the song featured in the vid?