Welcome Back

Sessions from a winter to remember in Los Angeles

| posted on January 11, 2013

  • Maxiumus

    45 seconds of a power plant in LA? Then I get to see some guy putting on a body glove sticker? Painful. LA Sucks – I stopped at 1:38 – maybe I missed something in the end but that was not what the beautiful photo on the cover led me to think I was going to watch.

  • Andy

    Wow Maxiumus you’re an idiot. This thing was crazyy good! Btw the shots in the beginning were awesome, showed the spot they’re surfing well and that would be MATT PAGAN putting on the sticker buddy. I think you definitely missed something. That was a painful comment to read, you def don’t know what your talking about. Surfing and filmmaking was amazing! Good job Pagan bros. Don’t listen to retards and keep the videos coming!

  • Daniel

    ^sucks for you guy, this clip was sick. Airs, tubes, sunsets… just need some LA chicks on the beach and it woulda been all-time.

  • JT

    Just jaw droppingly well shot and cut.

  • Flying Hammer

    Good job Mike, Great surfing Matt and the boys.
    Maxiumus, Lets see you put one together with your boys at your spot…..South Bay has a beautiful coast line, you stopped to early to see. Same guy that shot the beautiful photo did the film and edit.