Vortex Bandits

Some of Byron Bay's best in a full-length flick

| posted on August 22, 2013

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  • Scoop

    Great effort. Living the life. Good depiction of Byron too, one of the world’s great surf towns.

  • Mike

    Living the life???? Let’s see… looks like drugs, booze, skinny jeans, tattoos, and smoking to me. There is some occasional good surfing thrown in that would much better if these guys weren’t wasted the whole time.

    So yeah, If you want your kids burning out and being total losers by the time they’re 40 (if they live that long from drug & alcohol abuse) then this video has some great role models for em’.

    Seriously guys, show some class and clean up your life. You’re influencing a generation here.

  • James Griffin

    mike you are an idiot… you need to get a clue that not every surfer is a straight edge “role model”… welcome to earth…

    • Mike


      Thanks for calling me an idiot, good work. Wow, in my 22 years surfing CA I never knew that “not every surfer is straight edge”! Thanks for enlightening me.

      I have an idea James. Why don’t we emphasize the sport itself rather than the drug culture surrounding it?

      Let me enlighten you James: do you realize the drug “culture” as this video shows it, is trashy and destructive? That it causes a whole host of long term problems? Deaths, broken families, prison? A.I. RIP.

      Let me know when you put down the bong and we’ll discuss this like men.


  • Jack

    creed is next level compared to those dropkicks