Vintage Kolohe

A good reminder of what we've been missing for the two months Kolohe Andino has been on the disabled list

| posted on August 27, 2012

  • John

    He’s ripping. Not sure about comparing to JJ though – for me – a totally different level.

  • Pete

    Well we know he can jump rope and break the nose’s off from surfboards …..
    Nikes “brat” boy

  • Helder Bras

    I am fade up of Kolohe surfing trestles. Another payment from Nike. How mutch guys are surfing like this dude and we never saw a clip. Look at meola and the crew from Maui kolohe is a pussycat…

  • 831Ciauri

    i agree with john. If your young and want to be a world title contender, you have to tackle the world’s biggest and best waves [perfect big teahupoo, big cloudbreak (like JJF in the swell of the year) and such.] no disrespect to Kolohe cause i think he freekin rips!!! probably gonna win at trestles one of these days when he gets some meat and recovers. but wait!!! hes only 18ish. He will be a tour leader in the future when he gains all the experience from the older guys for sure!!! Stop giving this kid shit!!!! gaurantee that he becomes one of the best in the future and shuts everyone up.