Two Days at the Bay

Twiggy and the Long brothers score Ocean Beach

| posted on March 06, 2013

  • Gus

    Is that Doc Renneker by the end of the video?

  • Gnar

    Two days IN the bay? Great video btw…

  • LilBob

    Can we give this place a break? Is it all because the Rip Curl contest was held there? I though OB kinda dodged a bullet by getting not-so-great conditions for most of the comp. Now I see it popping up on the interwebs every week, whereas before last year it almost never showed up. I liked it better that way. I feel sorry for the locals there now. They have to deal with enough BS with all the duckdiving practice they get. At least it’s more worth it when you don’t have to also deal with a bunch of socal crowds. I’ve seen enough SF surf hype for now. Let’s lay off the place. What’s going on in Hawaii?

  • Mark V.

    LilBob: I live 10 blocks from OB and when it’s this big–like it was on Jan. 19 & 20–there are only a handful of guys out. It doesn’t matter how much attention it gets, on the DOH+ days, it will always be pretty empty. Plus, it’s crappy and onshore between now and October, so I don’t mind “two days” in the spotlight.

  • Jo

    Yeah when it gets big the crowd is thin but, when it’s small the crowd has grown within the last 2 years. I can do without the exposure and hype. San Francisco waves suck, it’s too cold, and sharky.

  • Adam

    I was born and raised on the great highway across the street from ocean beach. I started bodyboarding when I was 13 now I’m 33. When I started it was all locals, everybody knew each other with the exception of a new face here and there. Now its gone mainstream and you are lucky if you see someone you know. After travelling the world I’ve come to the conclusion OB sucks. It is only surfable 3 months out of the year with maybe a day or two a month the rest of the year. Most of the time its cold and onshore. The wave is a heavy rolling type of wave that very rarely ever has a bowl or power in the lip to do any sort of tricks besides 360s. My advice is go somewhere else like down to Santa Cruz where they have quality waves

  • Damien P.

    Is that the 2 crazy days mid-February? I was in the water both Friday (offshore all day, crazy color in the evening) and Saturday (a bit bigger than the Friday), and it was CRAZY, so good!! A lot of paddling to go on the outside but waves were just amazing.. I was looking for pics and videos for these 2 days I will always have in my memory, so just wanted to confirm if this video is fron these days.

    By the way, when surfing OB, you have good days like that, not too crowded (like SC), and makes your surf and paddling improve. Being in perfect spots after makes you enjoy even more, and it is easier.

  • Jimmy

    Yeah it can get fun, but I see sharks out there quite a bit. Just a matter of time before someone get hits. Just not worth the risk in my book now that I have a family. Great video!

  • LilBob

    Mark V: Good for you. Glad you’re stoked. You’re the one who has to deal with the crowds on the good days that aren’t DOH+. I’ve been showing up there for about 30 years and always thought the place was pretty cool. But so many places that become media darlings end up not quite so cool as a result. And the process is never reversible. I only come through there once in a while so it doesn’t affect me too much. I may just be a little less likely to hit that stretch of coast on my way to/from Mexico. Oh well. More waves for you guys.

  • Jocko

    Who filmed this? Excellent video! Horrible music….trying not to puke in my mouth.

    I agree with the other posters…OB Sucks don’t go there! Never gets good, VERY sharky, too many people, too cold, no where to park, crime, mean locals hard to get out….just not worth it…..Go to Santa Cruz.

  • Henry


  • PaulTannenbaum

    SF has been getting more hype recently, but everyone who is bitching about crowds should ease up. Its really not that bad, the beach is huge, and once it gets over six feet the crowds thin out considerably.

    The reality is OB is not that great of a wave most of the time. Its shifty, there is lots of current, and the wave has inconsistent face pitch (walled up bowls with ultra fat shoulders). The wave starts to shine when it gets bigger, but at that size the crowd isn’t an issue.

    Bottom line is it is a very hard wave to surf, and I think the WCT event showed that. Yes it does have magical days, but so does everywhere else.