Tribute to Andy Irons

Remembering Andy Irons 1978-2010

| posted on November 02, 2011

Tribute to Andy Irons. Video By Matt Beauchesne

  • Tupat

    Thanks Surfer and Andy for making this beautiful tribute! Much Love Andy!

    • captain32

      Will be missed bro,hang ten in heaven

  • Pat

    One Word: magnificent. Kind of wish you would have had the shot of Andy doing his double barrel shotgun claim!!! Beautiful piece.

  • Eric Cwiertny

    Amazing and beautiful tribute to a surfing legend!

  • Pete Hodgson

    Every dies but not everyone lives. Andy Irons lived life, he ate it up like he was at a thanksgiving meal. He was as great a surfer as I have ever seen. Some as good maybe but no one surfed better than Andy Irons. Truly a great person to know and I’m happy that I had the privilege to know him and to watch him surf. Andy Irons is the type of person you spend your entire life trying to see or ever get to know. Great tribute to a great man. Aloha Andy and thanks for that tribute Surfer..

  • Diogo Alpendre


  • Tillish

    ….What Bruce says is just heartbreaking! R.I.P. Andy

    • Nato

      Um – Jerry,
      No one’s hiding the facts that he died of a fever and that he was taking prescription medicine to get rid of it. Don’t use this post to promote your drug awareness campaign! This is about Andy, and the celebration of a great life!

      • Jerry

        Stay Dumb Nato! Stay Dumb!

  • Jerry

    Why are we hiding the real facts about A.I. untimely demise?
    Shouldn’t we take this opportunity and use it as a learning experience?
    Show the thousands of young A.I. fans around the world the cold harsh reality of drug use. My generation used the death of the collegiate superstar athlete Len Bias wisely and educated the world of the dangers in using cocaine. Lets teach the kids that drug use on any level can take down a healthy 3 times world champion surfer.

  • Chris Robb

    Thank you. That was beautiful.

  • Ryan

    Beautiful tribute…So sad…

  • Tim

    Great vid Matt, Does Andy Justice.

  • Filipa

    Best tribute EVER !!

  • Mike

    Thank you Surfer, that was an amazing tribute. May Lord bless you and keep you Irons Family.

  • Al

    That was truly inspiring and very beautiful… Great work putting that together.

  • Andy B

    Tragic loss and a great tribute Surfer. Fighting back the tears….

  • Steve Fitzpatrick

    Beautiful tribute to an astounding talent.

    Surfing will suffer for the loss of AI.

  • Chris

    As a Jersey girl, I had the privelege of seeing Andy surf live only once, here in Jersey riding hurricane waves. Watched too many videos to count though, and loved every one. Will seriously miss his style and talent. One of the truly gifted ones. My heart goes out to his family and friends. Great tribute Surfer!

  • DOC

    The Love of a brother!

  • Charlie

    Incredibly touching.
    A.I. life was a truly inspiration for surfers around the world.
    God bless Lyndie, Andy Axel jr. and all the Irons family.

  • John Paul Taylor

    Amazing, great tribute.

  • V

    That man had a connection to the ocean like no other….. God Bless The Irons family.
    Bruce you are a true world class guy. Good luck my friend……………………

  • KC

    Beyond beautiful. Goosebumps. Rest In Peace Andy.

  • Mason

    Beautiful tribute.
    R.I.P. mad love for ya bro <3

  • Martin Bisiker

    Beautiful tribute. Feelings are with Bruce and the rest of the family. Aloha. M

  • Dryden Groat

    Dammit… I teared up when Bruce talked..
    God Bless A.I.! Inspiration, friend, hero, legend… You will be missed man. So glad I got to witness you surf and live in the same lifetime as you. Much respect. Prayers for the Irons family. Aloha Andy. He’s teaching God to surf now.

  • jeffrey


  • Robert Gerard

    SURFER: You captured it so well. Amazing job. R.I.P. Andy and teach ’em how to charge in Heaven! Bruce, he couldn’t have asked for a better brother. Love to all of the Irons family.

  • Marcelo

    thanks surfermag, thanks Andy..

  • matt v

    amazing. greatly missed…

  • Cheryl Strube

    That was so beautiful. I’m still crying.

  • Kevin

    Not a surf dude, but Stumbledupon. What a loss. He truely seemed to have a love of life and the people around him. Tears weld up as I watched the Tribute to him. Obviousely loved by all he came in contact with. Only the good die young seems fitting here. My heart goes out . Again ,,,,, what a loss.

  • Lani Bluwave

    Beautifully done…Magnificent footage that really captures the essence and greatness of A.I .
    RIP Andy…you will live in our memories forever.

  • nick

    Thank you so much for such an amazing tribute to and amazing person. let Andy’s spirit live on in all of us.




  • pete g

    WOW you guys hit the nail on the head finally a tribute worthy of Andy the man himself as us in the surfing world got to know him.
    We all thank you guys for doing such an excellent job at capturing this for us and im sure his family as well appreciate it.
    The Bruce interview was heart wrenching much tears and mahalo.

  • rj


    PS. I know many of us trying to watch the web cast that kept getting bumped off… this is something I missed because of this… and really wanted to see it!!

  • Jeff

    Nothing but chills and goosebumps. Epic video showing the Heart of a warrior and spirit of a playful dolphin in the sea!

  • Andrew

    Gut wrenching. One in a billion. Bruce just right there shows us that these two absolute heros, gods of the modern era are human, with human feelings and emotions like real men. Never was there a brotherhood like the Irons brothers that gave us the very pinnacle, albeit ying and yang of both freesurfing and competitive surfing. One legend’s broad shoulders now carries them both and no one in our world can do it, IMO, like Bruce will. I look forward to Bruce carrying on the legacy of AI with not only the class and strenghth of an olympic champion, wit with the sense of humor and cocksuredness only BI can bring.

  • Andy

    so F$%king powerful… beautiful and touching how emotional Andy Irons death is for so many people…most who never actually met him…myself included…very moved by Bruce… words cant explain …blessings to the Irons family.

  • andrew

    You know a God when you feel it’s presence with you every step of the way through the journey of life. Andy, you are a God. Stay Stoked cause life will go on past our wildest imaginations. Aloha, my mentor. <3

  • bear

    Much respect to you for this. This is how Andy will be remembered forever.

  • Akoni

    What amazing talent. RIP Andy.

  • Shane

    Thank you Andy for everything you have done for surfing. I’m sure you are ripping it up eternally. There are many surfers who live through you in many ways. I have surfed for many years, but haven’t been able to paddle out in a long time due to physical disabilities. I still get the feeling by watching everyone from the greats to the groms. Andy is no doubt one of the greatest ever. When I finish physical therapy I’ll definitely catch one down here for you even though it will never compare to the waves you caught for us. Save us a spot up there bro, we’ll all be there with you soon.
    RIP Brother

  • chris hammonds

    what an amazing tribute R.I.P Andy touching words by bruce i hope he wins pipe it would be so good to see as hes taking andys place he deserves to win it for his big brother

  • Larry Allison

    Great video Surfer, Thanks! Amazing how much Andy did in his 32 years. Bruce Irons is a true brother and my heart goes out to him and his family along with Andy’s wife. R.I.P. Andy Mahalo

  • Bobby

    This was so absolutely touching and beautiful. He was an amazing man and surfer. If the people of this world could be half of what andy is and was this world would be a much better place. You will be missed forever A.I.

  • rhys faunce

    i’ve been surfing since mid 1960’s away mainly from crowd’s keeping to myself and surfing with my family. this year while having coffee at kirra andy came in an sat 1 table away.i thought should i say hi, i’ve never spoke any high profile surfer, but as i was leaveing i thought why not and i’m glad i did i wished all the best for the upcomming year and he was so great to talk to. very humberling. we’ll miss you ANDY.

  • Fran Battaglia

    beautiful tribute. mahalo…and aloha, Andy…rest in peace.

  • ryan glen

    yep. wow. incredible. absolute raw talent. r.i.p.

  • Jeremy Cooper

    Thank you surfer mag for this fitting tribute to a great man, and for the dignity and respect you have shown to his family and friends. Love from the U.K.

  • Josh C.

    Thank you.

  • http://facebook VANESSA


  • Luke Hancock

    Sick video, will be missed for sure…great job surfer mag…heading to Rincon Friday until Christmas, Andy will be on my mind RIP.

  • Niels Van Espen

    This is so touching, posted it immediately to the FB page. Thanks Surfermag/Matt

  • Caitlin

    Wow – the greatest tribute anyone could have ever made for anyone.

  • Tamlyn Hagerman

    ..amazing tribute to an outstanding legend! R.I.P may your memory live on forever..

  • stefania

    Mahalo Andy

  • GT

    Thank you for this video, it was a f*cking fantastic, and another great way to help us remember AI and his brilliant life. Much love, mahalo.

  • Mike Andres

    he is now a part of the spirit of the ocean…rest in peace AI

  • Mark

    very powerful tribute, I don’t think we will ever get over this we will just learn how to deal with it.

  • Jeremy

    Amazing tribute!

  • Kahealani

    We love you, Andy!!

  • maui

    much aloha to the Irons ohana!

  • Jason Davis

    I really hope to see within the next year a new A.I. surf movie out. Every surf theater will sell out……

  • Vincent Clementi

    The Most Beautiful Tribute I’ve ever seen. Andy was an inspiration to millions around the world and my favorite surfer. His video segments throughout the past years were the reasons why some people started surfing…I know it was mine. He will be forever missed but never forgotten. Rest in Peace Andy

  • joey

    Before everyone jumps on the anti drug let’s all learn from this ban wagon,let the mans family and friends mourn their loss….Jeeze man

  • Mark

    Thanks for all the years of aloha. You will missed but not forgotten.

  • Tim

    absolutely gorgeous….so moving, heart wrenching and inspirational. He will be forever remembered. He may be off this earth but his name is immortal.

  • laurag.

    I never met Andy but knew him since high school from surfing magazines. This is a beautiful tribute that brought many tears. He is missed and my heart goes out to his family and friends who are still struggling with the loss. AI rest in peace!

  • victoria

    This tribute is beast.

    “He surfed like a cat on acid…” -Mark Occhupilo

    He sure did. RIP AI!

  • jessica

    thank you. this was amazing.

  • Bubby

    Great video! AI is King. Anyone know da name of band first song?

    • Marian

      the dog’s days are over – Florence + the machine

  • shari

    what a great tribute! so sad for his wife and unborn child…my heart goes out to them

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  • Wolfsurf

    Sin duda uno de los mejores surfistas del mundo con técnica y estilo se queda su legado para siempre !!!!

  • brian

    Incredible tribute. I am speechless

  • Luiz

    it`ss very, very, very hard to believe that AI died….very sad!

    AI is a legend, one king… its never die!

  • Ian

    I met Andy just a couple months ago while working security at the Tresles event. I had a brief chat while he signed in the day before the heats started. He took the time to talk with me like we were old friends. Great Life Amazing surfer much respect A.I.

  • jason mercer

    That is such a moving tribute to a surfing legend
    Andy you exited way to early for reasons i will never know but you can sleep knowing you have achieved things most people cant even dream of
    i wish your wife and child a loving life and your memory lives on through your brother
    you can see the love in his eyes for you
    R.I.P. A.I.

  • Herb



    Love you from holland !! rip

  • Kes

    sometimes in life you can become emotional over someones death, even though you do not know them, my heart goes out to andy’s family and friends.

    p.s I don’t wish to appear incensitive, and i mean no disrespect, but i would like to know the third piece of music played on the tribute video, as i would remember andy each time i listened to it.

  • Judah Mehler

    What amazing tribute to our fallen hero. Couldn’t help but cry watching this.

  • Big Mitch

    Amazing tribute, a life lived to the fullest.
    Kia kaha Irons family and friends

  • Kenz

    One of the BEST all time surfers!!!! Aloha Andy… you will be missed!

  • michael cevoli

    Great video, does anyone know where I can get one of those Forever Andy hats?

  • Brent

    Tragic loss of a good man will be missed by so many. God bless and may you’re soul rest in Heaven. My heart goes out to Lyndie and their new born son. Bruce is lucky to have had such a kind, loving brother and it will be his responsibility to raise the son the way Andy would be so proud. Mahalo and God Bless!

  • mexsurf

    awsome……….. anyone know the name of last song??????

  • Brandon

    Shed some tears with Bruce at the end. RIP AI Gone but never forgotten!!! Too young!!! His life was just beginning in so many way. Hands down best tribute video.

  • Rick

    Great tribute to a young man who change the face of surfing.I don’t care what level of surfer you are or what age. If you ride a wave anywhere around the world,please never forget the name ANDY IRONS…..RIP….

  • Jesse DeSanto

    Andy Irons transcended the world of surfing with his presence. He will be missed and never forgotten RIP

  • Dave K.

    I was stoked to see AI in the daily habit interview on FuelTv and he was talking about coming back to what he loved to do after his year off! so sad what happened my heart and mind go out to all his Family and Friends! He will not be forgotten, His name will go down in not only surfing history but also the history of man! like ceasar was to rome Andy is to surfing and mankind! I will be sure to pass his name and stories on to my children and they will too their children! Miss you much AI! RIP

  • Peter

    A real touching tribute.He always live in our minds

  • Phil

    @mexsurf last song is from a band called M83

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  • rich

    pleace dont preach to the people that are missing there hero about drugs and abuse.we all now drugs are dangerous.this is about spreading ower love for a man that inspired thousands of people to chase there dreams and to live a life fuller than befor.Andy Irons…thanks for making me a better person and showing the world what pachion and the aloha spirit can do. RIP brudda

    • Nolan

      Wow! I should say try-using spell check but in this case that would not help. Please go back and read what you wrote. Judging by your grammar it would appear that you grew up in Hawaii.

  • Kim Shady

    I started surfing when I was 11 years old. I would hide in my room until I was finished reading surfer magazines from cover to cover. I would look up to Bruce and Andy as my super heros. I would ( and still do) drool over my computer screen in amazement of how they surf. At 22, I still find myself staying up late, reading my magazines, watching countless videos of Bruce and Andy charging dream waves. They are and will be forever my Super Heros.

    My love to the Iorns family.


  • benny

    I don’t know whether he died from flu or dugs. But it’s pretty common knowledge that he WAS using drugs, and why shouldn’t people point that out? Everybody – including the ASP, other surfers, and fans who want to cover it up – are “enablers” who share responsibility for his death. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Why not stop being an enabler? Criticize drug use for the terrible thing it is, and press the ASP for mandatory drug testing. People always pay lip service to “drugs are bad” — until it involves someone they LIKE, then it turns into “it’s a private matter” or “don’t sully his memory.” Stop being enablers. Drugs are not “ok” just because you like the person who’s taking them; if anything, you should even angrier because when that person ends up hurting himself (physically) or family members (emotionally), isn’t that worse?

  • Jose

    Hey, there I’m from Puerto Rico and I want to make one thing clear, I’ve had dengue fever before and it’s no joke, but the thing is that the symptoms start around 7 days after you where bit by the mosquito and after that you feel like shit, so he must have contracted it in Portugal cause he arrived to PR sick. I was there when he was scheduled to surf he’s first heat but didn’t and they announced that he was ill. Another fact about dengue fever is that if you have a very serious form of dengue ( hemorrhagic dengue ) which causes you to bleed out and you take something as ordinary as aspirin you could die just from that cause it makes liquefies your blood a lot more so you bleed out internally, and we in PR know that because every year dozens of people die from dengue fever, clearly he didn’t know that. Think back to when you’re sick we just pop aspirin in like crazy and then carry on thinking everything’s going to be OK! We all do it!!! You’re right drugs are NOT OK, but just to let you know how easily dengue can kill you if medical attention is not provided at early stages. R.I.P. Andy Iron, let the Irons family know that Andy’s kid has family ALL OVER THE WORLD including in my island. See you out there, sorry if I drop on you.

  • Dave H

    Andy, a genuine/gentle man who’s love for the sea, is equal only to his love for the surf and life. He truly, truly will be missed. Vios condios me comps Andy! D.Hernandez

  • colin

    the last song is

    lower your eyelids to die with the sun by M83

  • Michael Ortega

    moving tribute.

    perfect opening tune. Sounds like Beth Orton. But not a song I’m familiar with. Would love to know song title.

  • Nathan

    jerry you are truly an idiot andy died of dengue fever you probably shouldnt talk about things you know absolutely nothing about

    • Jerry

      Stay Dumb Nathan!

  • Sean VB

    RIP Andy, a true legend to all surfers. As we were close in age it reminds me of how much we need to cherish everyone we have in our lives and each day that passes. Thank you for all you have done to inspire us all.

  • Robert

    Awesome tribute to one of the most incredible surfers of all time. Rest in peace Andy. Keep on rippin’………………..rob

  • Justin

    Great video of a great man. Extremely touching. Thanks Surfer. He will most definitely be missed. See you on the other side Andy….

  • Cheli

    Andy Irons was one with the waves. Many are going to miss admiring his talent. For all his friends and family, peace be with all of you. The video brought a tear to my eye. It is never easy to say goodbye. Much love to all the knew and loved Andy Irons. Wish i knew you, but since I don’t I pray that peace and love find you and help you through. 😉

  • Thomas DeSoto

    Thanks to Sonny Miller, I had the unique opportunity to travel with Andy on his first trip to Indo, we spent 28 days at sea filming “Andy Irons Raw” and “The Search” Movies. Many years later i sat with Andy and Joel Tudor at the Surfer poll awards when he won Surfer of the Year award and he said ” Tommy, you know i con…sider that first trip i took with you guys was the best surf trip of my entire life”. I felt truly honored to be his friend,… One early morning Andy caught me giving one of the local kids a surf board at Lances right, and I said, but we are leaving later today and its going to cost tons to take these boards back home, so ? And he said your right Tommy, and next thing i knew he was tossing all his surfboards overboard,… When the rest of the boys woke up they followed suit,… later a read an article that Sam George wrote about giving free surfboards to all the kids and now they are all ripping it up! I thought, look what Andy started,… and smiled,… That really was a wonderful journey,…Thomas DeSoto

  • Cheli

    To all of you throwing a negative twist of drugs in here. STOP! How dare you take a nice guy and focus on this to suit your whims in the name of education. Drugs didn’t cause his death, so back off. You will get no respect from me. A family is mourning here and if I could physically get to you- I’d kick your ass! Grow up and put sensitivity before trying to be holier then thou. He was a genuine man, but you are being a genuine ass! You as in you know who you are if you wrote about drug use.

  • Luis Barrera Ohara

    Andy: Thank you, Arigatou,Gracias,Merci,Obrigado,cheche, terima kasih,Mahalo those in the heart of all the surfers in the world!!!

  • Aigul

    This tribute is amazing, but very sad at the same time. Because those amazing days are over!

    RIP, Andy…

  • Mark

    I’m completely speechless. Much respect and love to the Irons ohana, NS + Kauai crew and the surfing community/family as a whole. We’ll never forget you, braddah.

  • Chris

    RIP my bruddah! I hope they have constant perfect sets where you are. If there are , I know youre in the fold getting shacked all day like no ones business!! Aloha to the whole Irons tribe, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Carlos

    Andy, the best surfer that I ever seen. Thank’s a lot for your existing and thanks SURFER for your tribute.
    Aloha and and ever remeber you.
    From Barcelona (Catalonia)

  • Blanca Iris~Moses_Ocean

    Thank you for making this tribute…we love Andy and always will, my prayers to his Family ~

    we will never forget you ~ Peace brother ~

  • FernandoSBCsurf


  • Marcus Fender

    Wonderful tribute for a wonderful man. Much Love and Respect for him, his friends and family.

  • Cullen

    What a beautiful life.

  • Bill Tover

    This tribute to Andy Irons in conjunction with the surf footage and music is an amazing tribute to a 3x World Champion! Andy gave back as much as he received! I was in shock when I heard of his passing. His Spirit was so Alive and contagious! Like “The Day The Music Died”, this is the Moment that the WAVES cried their Tears. My thoughts are with Andy’s family. May his son grow up to know what a good man his father was. RIP Andy…..

  • Bodhi

    Bruce words broke me to tears. If you read this, don’t worry Bruce, i’ll turn out to be a great Dad for the kids
    I never met Andy, but he seemed like a friend to me
    Rest in peace

  • mark w

    Why does anyone think that just because someone is in the surfing spotlight that you or anyone other person has a right to look in their medicine cabinet or peer into their bedroom window? Personally, I like Andy for his surfing, not for what he did out of the water. He wasn’t the President or other public figure that has an influence with regards to my well-being or yours. He surfed. He battled. He won. He lost. We love him for that.

    It’s going to come out. Everyone knows it. The report will be out soon enough and the… I told you so’s and spin doctoring will go into full effect.

    Before you start typing away at what you think you deserve to know about Andy because your kid or the future kids my learn something from it. Stop typing. Sit down with them and talk. But most important Listen. We are all humans, but what makes us even more alike is we are surfers!

  • Mark Griffiths

    A truly wonderful surfer. Had the pleasue of seeing him surf in the final of the pipe masters in 2006 an amazing final beating Kelly in the last 10 seconds. An awe inspiring surfer who was an amazing person he will be sadly missed but will always live on in our hearts A.I. Forever Amen

  • Derek

    So heavy. I can’t stop watching this video and it hurts every time I do

    • http://surfer anthony m

      me to

  • Alex Yepis

    BEST ALL-TIME ! there are no words to describe the feeling.

  • Ronny

    tragic and beautiful at the same time. what a life. hope the best for his family.
    this tribute video is awsome, could not be better. so sad, painful to watch.
    anyone can tell me the name of the 3 songs, so …if i listen to them it will help me remember Andy Iron surfing?
    thanks…..he will be sadly missed.

    • http://surfer anthony m

      1st song is dog days are over by florence and the machine the last song is by m83 lower your eye lids to die with the son

  • http://surfer anthony m

    beautiful tribute so sad still cant believe he is gone rip andy love and thoughts are with bruce lindy andy junior phill and danielle…will never be forgotton

  • Ronny

    thanks a lot Anthony. do you know by any chance the 2nd song’ s name?
    I keep watching this tribute over and over. I was in Puerto rico when it happened.
    hard to believe that one day he was there and the next he was gone.

  • http://surfer anthony m

    sorry ronny im not sure what the second song is mate, yes its so sad and hard to believe andy was such a awsome surfer must have hit u pretty hard being in puerto rico,it certainly hit me hard here in australia, its the best tribuite ever.

  • Jamie

    The second song is ‘Knights of Cydonia’ by Muse.

  • Ryan k

    whats the name of the first song. RIP andy irons

  • Goose

    Awesome tribute – makes me stoked and sad at the same time

  • Ronny

    thanks Jamie.

  • Bernardo Tagliari

    Guys I cry every day for his death but, S.I.P. (surf in peace) Andy, someday when we die, we are going to share the best waves in the world with him. From here in Brazil to everywhere, forever in our hearts, we’re gonna miss you Andy.

  • Mike F

    Its safe to say there will never be anyone like this guy again. His surfing is very inspirational.

  • carlos romero

    great legend surfer rip

    we miss you

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  • Keith Fitz-Hugh

    Amazing Tribute Guys *****
    – I’m Speechless…
    – Peace

  • raul

    he was one of the best surfers in the world no doubt about it.
    andy was no 1

  • John and Gina Reed

    My husband and I just watched the tribute to an unknown surfer to us. I found this quite by accident and my husband had not heard of him before. My husband grew up in Oceanside California and lived to surf. Even though his life has taken him all over the world and been full, the passion of surfing has always been within him. One day I can only hope to witness his wave. So, Thank You for sharing this amazing talent and beautiful young man.

  • Teri

    What a delightfully unique man, Andy Irons was. Great tribute film…….TTT

  • Richard Sciortino

    For us who love the water we become ” one ” with the water. Ride those waves Andy, ride the waves brother…..

  • Beamer

    I miss the POWER, the PASSION, the FLAIR!!!

  • Me

    I love Andy.

  • Scott Stephens

    I have lost several close friends, most of which lived on the wilder side of life. They cannot be blamed for that. For it is that passion and fire, in everything that they did, that draws us close to them. Makes us want to be around them. I never met Andy, wish I had. But the tears I shed for Andy were real and painful. He is Hawaii’s Champ. He is my champ. Long Live Andy!

  • Nate


  • http://FB Danny Stephens

    Awesome tribute to Andy! Regardless of his cause of death he went to soon and was a real inspiration to many!

  • Rob Gardiner

    This is a primo tribute. Arohanui to the Iron’s familiy,he gave me insperation shot Andy i know where ever you are theres a wave with your name on it.Surfs up bro,i did’nt know you in person but your the Man, RIP from Maori Surfer in New Zealand

  • Rob Gardiner

    Mean surfer all the way

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  • John

    ANDY was a great surfer and will always be in all of our hearts how he died
    only god knows . But we will always love you and remember your legacy
    you left with us God bless you and you family .

  • Thomas DeSoto

    Thanks to Jeff Divine, I had the unique opportunity to travel with Andy
    on his first trip to Indonesia, we spent 28 days at sea filming “Andy Irons
    Raw” and “The Search” Movies. Many years later i sat with Andy and Joel
    Tudor at the Surfer poll awards when he won Surfer of the Year award and
    he said ” Tommy, you know I have always considered that first trip i took with you
    guys to Indo was the best surf trip of my entire life”. I felt truly honored to
    be his friend,… One early morning Andy caught me giving one of the
    local kids a surf board at Lances right, and I said, but we are leaving
    later today and its going to cost tons to take these boards back home,
    so ? And he said your right Tommy, and next thing i knew he was tossing
    all his surfboards overboard,… When the rest of the boys woke up they
    followed suit,… later a read an article that Sam George wrote about
    giving free surfboards to all the kids and now they are all ripping it
    up! I thought, look what Andy started,… and smiled,… That really was
    a wonderful journey for us all,…Thomas DeSoto