Curren in Mexico

Tom Curren speaks Spanish, hates the sun, gets a shave, shreds a pointbreak

| posted on January 09, 2014

Tom Curren, normally a man of frustratingly few words, is a regular chatterbox in this charming clip. He also does things nobody else ever does while on a surf trip, like get a shave and a haircut, and buy a roll of cloth to fashion his own bizarre little surf hat. He hates sunburns. Anyway, he also kills it on a Daniel Thomson-shaped 5’1″ planing hull, and, as always, his surfing mesmerizes.

  • Mark Brown


    • AMT

      This should be a must see video for all young surfers.
      Absolutely classic.

  • Rat

    Best style ever!

  • SlimerTime

    What song is that?

  • Goolosh

    The more Curren rips, as scene here from his lines drawn surfing, the more I don’t want to surf. He is a legend. The particular surfboard design, observation/comment: Square nose, gradual cambre and short overall length – translates his surfing well and conforms to the glassy, ocean face wave. The rail foils’ curve must be thick and straight enough off the bottom line so that it maintains flotation and velocity through the arc. This dynamic reacts similar to an airflow on the wings’ uppermost streamline – in theory and notwithstanding. The other longer board must have been a rental.
    Curren should have worn a cone-shaped head covering to protect him from the harmful UV Mexican sun rays. This would symbolize his genius while inside the tube, as the tip of the cone intervenes through the flow of the roof in the barreling wave. He signals control, using an antennae and a VHF radio frequency that’s sent to the closest terminal under federal jurisdiction.
    The shaper facilitates his own future and grants access/carriage of freedoms to further enjoy the sport, unencumbered. What will the trip and incidentals to MEXICO bear to afford? The new ASP Big Wave World Tour and Zosea must not augment this decision, even though Todos Santos must be near. Thus, drone usage, their infringement and cessation – will neither take proliferation nor any souls.

    • nick

      dude r u on acid right now. wtf r u saying?

      • Goolosh

        Daft Punk will give the reader a good vibe if you dont know check it out.

      • Samuel

        On your next surfing excursion when you set yourself adrft, the need for a safety helmet might work pretty good for you. Good luck.

  • dingus kahn

    that was sucking fick!

  • Tesco

    Compare the surfing portion of this vid to any recent Mason Ho vid. BOTH: Not taking things too seriously; ripping in their own unique way; straight-up stoke; having fun. A simple formula we should all ascribe to. Learn It-Know It-Live It

  • Dante

    Mr Smooth if there ever was !!!

  • gannysesh

    Surfer: just FYI that this YouTube clip app doesn’t seem to work on iPad. There’s just a big empty white space.

    Anyway, Curren’s my all-time favorite. Great clip!

  • sajid

    si es muy bueno este guardia vieja yo lo he seguido desde muy joven uno de los mejores !

  • dill

    best foam ball control ever…

  • Residuedomingo

    LaMancha Solar es muy mal.Senior Curren este necesito buscar por la dermatologica en Estados Unidos. Buenas tardes. Mucho gusto.

  • Warren l

    Doesn’t work on iPad.

  • tubefart

    the tubesocks XD

  • Ryan Jones

    Is he going to surf like that until he’s 80, 90? Keep them pre-sesh shaves and pedicures coming for him. Whatever it takes.