Tom Curren, J-Bay

The stylemaster tests boards at the world's best pointbreak

| posted on August 18, 2014

Two things we can never get enough of: Tom Curren and J-Bay. Throw them together, even better. While in South Africa for the Heritage Series event of the J-Bay Open, Tom got busy testing surfboards at the world’s best pointbreak. In this 4-minute video by Eugenio Sarmento, you’ll see the 50-year-old stylemaster ride a variety of different craft, including a finless wooden plank (2:38). As expected, Tom looks stylish regardless of what he’s on.

  • gern blanston

    From my perspective Tom put everyone else to shame at J-Bay by not only doing fluid, powerful and graceful turns but also road most waves as far as he could. By watching other heats at J-Bay a lot of the the pro’s were left behind on many waves because of contest pressure to do that “big maneuver.”

  • Mike Tuten

    Thank you SURFER magazine for posting, my family appeciates the support! Thanks to Tom for making my boards look good. 🙂

    • Karl Stefanovic

      Hey Mike, What kind of board is the one with the blue band on it? ‘blue beauty’?
      Is it a replica or something similar to the black beauty?

      • Mike Tuten

        Hi Karl
        No its completely different. My idea is to make a board as fast as possible by eliminating drag and fin vibration. The blue band was something I put on it to make Ripcul logos pop. I made some boards for here too. Seem to go pretty good.

        • Shooter McGavin

          So not a Vee bottom than? Looked really nice and loose