To The Point

Two days of swell at the goofy foot paradise, Desert Point

| posted on April 10, 2013

  • Bolt Thrower

    Dear p—y in this video,

    What the f—k is this s—y music?

  • Luis

    Great … Great .. Surfing..!!!

  • jez

    Poor Desert Point, Poor song choice, Poor style. This wave deserves better!

  • Judge #3

    I didn’t know you could get sponsored having a stink bug style

  • scott

    I think your hair is weighing down your upper body bra! nice waves

  • Seth

    I love being able to see a surf spot in its regular, non hyped state, which is probably how it would be most times, if I surfed it. Honesty. I appreciate it. I actually like seeing some average Joe who can surf about as good as I can, so I can see how I will surf when I get old. I’m mid 50’s. Maybe I could get a sponsor. Honestly, if I grew a tiny little mustache, let my hair out, get super skinny and do a power lean with my head lower than my knees on every wave… I could get sponsored. I think. It looks hard to do that on every single wave. It really takes comittment, and sacrificing of hard earned style. I like the real life demonstrations. Can you back up a car REALLY slowly, in leaning stink bug stance while counting foreign bills and listening to the worst music in the world? Imagine the zen state it takes. It’s akin to being tortured by a hippie with highly trained screaming cats waterboard me with their own urine. Namaste. Inspiring for sure.

  • brastrive

    casual style
    did the job
    pretty much

  • Your momma

    Lots of haterade here maybe because this guy got to surf empty deserts and was getting pitted.

  • ray

    what ever he doesnt surf that good but deserts with out the offshore wind is not easy. n it looks like he got some