Title Break With Carissa Moore

Episode 1 of Carissa's title year retrospective

| posted on February 02, 2012

  • Mik

    hmmmm. here is a very talented young surfer. with a huge JR. history, and massive Hawaiian support. add in a giant corporate sponsor, and fantastic parental support, and Carissa is impressive in every way. the fluidity and quickness of her surfing is on par with the mid range of the mens WQS; a fact that is only shared by Silvana Lima, who surf at the same level, has the same full range including airs, but being a petite woman, i think Silvana gets scored down. and in the past, scored down again for being Brazilian (IMO). so what bothers me is a sense that Carissa somehow feels entitled to wins. i mean, crying over losing a couple of heats in your first WTC contest? and then there is the fitness issue on the woman’s Tour. many of the girls on Tour apparently have no sense of fitness nutrition related to maintaining lean muscle mass. kind of like the women’s tennis tour before the Williams sisters walked on court, and showed the world what women’s fitness is all about. Maria Sharapova was blown away until she started training, and the only woman to beat them was that tiny French pro, who equalled their fitness level, even though she was small. i hope Carissa finds a trainer (maybe Rochelle Ballard?) who can help her maintain a competitive carb/protein ratio. because if she does, she is going to be formidable for the next 10 years. (BTW: i apologize for being blunt girls, but that’s the nature of blogdom…)

  • Major Pain

    “Interesting Observations.” As One who has spent more than two decades training some of THE Baddest Folks from within the Military Community and Law Enforcement Community, I always enjoy “Fitness Perception Discussions.”

    I have been fortunate enough to photograph Carissa during several contests, over the past three years. Her Surfing continues to get only Better. I like the fact that Some Women are known for Surfing, rather than “Bimbo – Posing (and no longer even win contests).”

    As One who was familiar with The Williams Sisters before They became Famous, I simply share that Carissa has one thing in common with Serena / Venus; If ANY of the three of Them step into a predominantly – Black night club, We Brothers would be ALL OVER ANY OF THEM……….jajajajajajajajjajaja

  • Javier

    SOFIA MULANOVICH!!! She is my compatriot.