The Young Yago Dora

The aerial adventures of the backflipping Brazilian

| posted on March 18, 2013

  • larkstan

    hey turkeys- the title is “the aerial adventures of the backflipping brazilian”. So, there’s ONE backflip?

  • Miki Dora

    Yeah, should have had a different title, great surfing from a Dora though!

  • JD

    The turns were terrible

    The barrels were bearable

    And the Airs were alright (at least the Flip and rotation airs were)

  • Brazzo 4 Life

    Good to see one of my beloved brethren showing world next generation of Brazilian ripping. Impeccables rail turnings and style of tube my brothers.

    B4L still holds high hopes for comeback of Jihad Khodr. A true Brazilian heart of champions if there ever was once was.

    Brazzo 4 Life