The Tiniest Surfer

A remote controlled surfer rips surprisingly hard

| posted on March 22, 2011

  • BillyBob

    Slow motion is annoying! Doesn’t need to be frame……….by…………frame. Learn to edit. Also, you spelt Trestles wrong…..kook.

    • Hans

      ..and you spelled “spelt” wrong bigger kook.

      • Robbie29

        “Spelt’ is British English. UNWORLDLY KOOK!

  • marksharky

    That is just too cool- Billy Bob did small surfing dude ruin your session? Does he rip better then you? I think so or you wouldn’t be jealous 🙂

  • Tom White

    Hey guys,

    One step from greatness! Let the video guy hold onto the “rippen droid!” I think we would all like to relate to his size compared to the waves at Trestles!

  • BB

    Spelt? Hey BillyBob, how many teeth do you have? Nice work on the video. That thing is cool.

  • lance

    i want to see one where they replace the surfer with a go pro.

  • John

    Nice RC surfing. TERRIBLE music.

  • mchammer

    I remember my GI Joes!!