The Spencer Legacy

Sterling Spencer basks in the glory of having a profile in the June Issue

| posted on April 28, 2013

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  • Mik

    domination thru nonsubmission?

    what evs…

    Spencer can surf.

    elite, actually.

  • Kooks McGee

    He tries to hard to be funny which makes him annoying and lame.

  • Laurence Wilkinson 3rd

    Yawn. His legacy will be that he can’t make it on the CT with the shortboarding elite.

  • Mike

    He is creative and a decent surfer. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. If he never makes #1 on the ASP, who cares? He still makes the surfing world more colorful. Surfing should also be about the culture as well–the music, the food, the friendships, etc. and not just the latest fins or board shorts.

    People who bother to post all kinds of negative crap remind me of the guys that surf at Canoes and get all puffed up calling kooks off of waves.

  • Jeff Wilson

    Isn’t this the same guy who’s in a video boosting an air directly onto the back of some person who took off infront of him? Fins and all? It was up on surfline a few years back then they took it down after a couple hours due to the idiocy factor. Oh the lonely world of a B-grade “pro” surfer…

    The first try 360 flip was sick though!

  • Ralphie

    he’s hilarious!

  • johnny boy gomes

    He is God!

  • bufu

    Sterling is funny and his surfing is improving. Digging the style and he’s bringing something different to surfing.

  • rck

    yeah, but how about doing a freakin’ real turn?!

    after, like, a bazillion air vids, is getting a little stale…

  • Norcal

    Hate ’em, but, Sterling, you rip! Props to you, kook….

  • tocolo

    As a comedian, he is a great surfer!

  • David

    Rips in the water…kook on land.

  • pendejo

    his sister abigail is hot as f******ck. and he surfs good

  • Alex

    He is rad. his wife is super nice. Benji is god

  • Mike Scott

    The irony here is the guy is being himself, and enjoying what he is doing. Most of you guys are commenting from your cubicles, while he makes a living, joking around and surfing. Everyone has the option of not watching, and not everyone wants to be on the WCT. Why would you? If you can travel and surf where you want, for as long as you want, and not travel with a bunch of aggressive Brazo’s!

  • Luis Medina

    what a mariconnn!!

  • Rob Zabroky

    Machado is smiling somewhere!

    Keep it real Sterlz

  • Jack McMenamin

    Such a great guy. Got to talk to him a little at a comp I was in last year. Didn’t even realize who it was until after I left. He’s so ordinary and just a great dude all around. definitely the best surfer to come from the gulf coast