The Secret of Hainan

An exotic taste of Chinese pointbreak perfection

| posted on June 15, 2012

  • jimmy the realist

    looks like a fun fun wave, but i imagine your dick falls off from the over polluted water.

  • Leone.0

    haha seriously though. give humans a couple more centuries and there wont be many coasts with clean enough water to surf in. maybe then big companies like quicksilver will worry that their factories are contributing to the destruction of our planet, (lets be honest, theyll be more concerned with the destruction of their business) and start trying to save the environment .

  • Brendan

    Hainan is relatively clean compared to the rest of China. There is hardly any industry so there isn’t much pollution.

  • Tiredandready4bed

    @ Brendan. Good info but ur kinda missing the point of the other commentators….

  • JW

    Is there any footage of the locals?