The Reubyo

English surfer Reubyn Ash works on sticking the "Reubyo" in Indo

| posted on April 27, 2011

  • mo

    hey reuby,

    just read your article yesterday – and based on your “new” move, which isnt new and which you pretty much landed on your stomach, you do have a quity a lof self-esteem.

    bravo, arrogance is the new black!

    • Ozinkernow

      Read the article too, shocking! What a load of garbage, rebus isn’t like that at all. In this case ‘shoot the messenger’. Google ‘rodeo flip reubyn ash’ to see him sticking a good rodeo 18 months ago. By his own account he’d like to land it cleaner but good on him for putting it out there.

  • Jimmicane

    Ha. This is some kind of bad joke. How can Surfer post up a double grab to a belly ride in the flats? Obviously they haven’t read my guidebook on aerial surfing. My best friend Gabe Kling does these in his sleep.

  • tortellini alfredo

    @Jimmicane, yes this is stupid, but why don’t you just walk across the room and tell them what you think? Or did you already do that and didn’t find it satisfying?

  • ky

    not cool when you ride out on your stomach

  • Oz in kernow

    Girls, do you honestly think that surfermag would post a video of someone doing a trick that everyone else was landing? Google ‘rodeo flip reubyn ash’ . Is that what you were thinking of?

  • mc

    Everyone knows that English people are the most arrogant bunch around. Thats why no one likes them! Hahahahaha

    • Ozinkernow

      🙂 well I think the cross Atlantic bitching is a bit odd, but when it comes to most internationally disliked nationality……………:-)

  • Noddy Holder

    @mc that’s right ‘no one likes the Enlgish’ and do we care…?

  • P Town

    You may also hate watching this US dudes –