The Medina Show

No matter the stage, Gabriel Medina entertains in Portugal

| posted on October 17, 2012

  • Prince of Nigeria

    That big frontside is probably THE best air ever done
    on a surfboard. This kid is the best. So glad to see hardly
    any frontside air reverses. Slater couldn’t do
    any of this even in his dreams and don’t you kid youself
    that he could.

  • Tide E.

    The first air was money and dont get me wrong Medina is a killer surfer but, best air ever? I hope thats some kind of joke.

  • Jack-O

    that thing was massive!

  • vampire

    Not the best air, but the highest ever done for sure!!!

  • kingscliff

    ooooooooooohhhhhh !!!! that was INSANE !!!! Gabs rips


    It was a shame what the judges did. The last wave of Julian Wilson was not that score. This shows that the batteries in the judgment favors some surfers from certain countries. It was horrible.

  • JulianA

    your right Prince Slater can’t do straight airs alley oops and laybacks at all i don’t think he’s ever done them. dumbass

  • Marcelo

    Surfemag, could you please filter out all the comments from brazilians? It is ok to come here and say what you think, but the are as fanatics as palestinians are… So annoying

    (I am Brazilian and it hurts when i read most of my fellow brazo´s posts)

  • jojo

    not the highest air ever done, but the highest air-size/wave size ratio ever. like 3:1. i still don’t know how it’s possible to do an air that big on a wave that small. crazy.

  • Fabio

    Ae Marcelo, vai tomar no meio do seu cu arrombado seu filho da puta. Só para dar razão para seu comentário. Seu otário americanista do caralho.

  • Peter s

    Medina is by far the best surfer now…shame on y judges

  • Kyle

    ohhh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!