The Mason Ho Show

With guest appearances by Dane Reynolds, Mike Ho, and Cheeseburger

| posted on January 14, 2013

  • Internet Tough Guy

    Next level surfing right there. Good song, too.

  • Andi

    dane is such a freak.

  • pat

    I think mason ho is one of the most progressive and reckless surfers ever. A lot of the tour dorks have similar approaches to riding waves, but Ho seems to see it differently. There are not many people that have timing and composure he has in sketchy situations. He charges pipe like a mad man too.

  • http://surfer William “Billy” Shaw

    Next level Yes!! But I was trying these moves in the early 80’s,making them periodically,with inferior boards….Give credit,where credit due!! Potts,,,Kechele”Florida Boy”,and a few others pioneered, skateboard tricks on waves in the early-to mid-80’s,shortly after Christian Hoisois,first Ollie air on a 6′ halfpipe,was published in Slasher Mag..Guys now,are way more balanced,have superior equipment,but are way more talented! But give us old farts ,our due!!LOL

  • Fanny Alger

    That was nuts

  • Ben

    God this kid is turning into a freak! He’s on my surfer top 10 list next year for sure. Gotta be one of the world’s best at this point, just toying with Hawaiian power…. oh yeah, and that Dane thing was freaking impossible!

  • luvdabarrelkilla

    mase has always been sick but hes got even sicker!!!

  • Whamo

    Billy, Rolf Aurness and Corky Carroll were doing airs back in the late 60’s on primitive twin fin designs. They blew my mind when they came down to Riviera, in a single-fin world back then, with twins, for the first time. Bertleman pushed airs in the 70’s. He was fantastic. Kechele came a decade later, and he did push it further, but so did Potts, and it was Christian Fletcher that really took it to the next level. And a lot of that progression was because of Simon’s Thruster. I’ll never forget watching Simon jump off his board at 8 foot Pipe, in ’81, and watching his Thruster trim through the tube without him for about 20 yards.