The Lau Discipline

A look inside the competitive mind of Hawaii's Ezekiel Lau

| posted on April 22, 2013

To learn more about Zeke Lau and his drive to win, check out his profile in our April issue, available in print here, and digitally here.

Watch more from Zeke Lau competing in Bali at the 2012 Oakley World Pro Junior Championship.

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Now I see what all the hype is about, great video, I’m looking forward to seeing him on the WCT in 2014!

  • Ben

    Great surfing

  • TheBelly

    That a boy grom!

  • Michael

    Awesome video! Go Zeke!!

  • Brett

    Kid rips! Gonna run through heaps of people.

  • Mik

    Zeke is for real, for sure. but i’m so not into the Hawaiian heavy attitude thing.

    Fortunately the WCT guys are beyond the “pack mentality” thing.

    I surfed a local Santa Cruz spot with Nat Young and his friends recently, and he had zero attitude. Just so far above that High school level thinking. And Nat was on the best waves, every set, purely on positioning and friendly respect.

    Fair enough, Hawaii needs guys to keep the order so people don’t get hurt just due to overcrowding, but I hope Zeke elevates to where Kelly is as a representative of Surfing. He’s definitely got the talent, I’d like to see him match that with positive attitude.

  • Batz

    Zeke has come a long way in the past few years, both in his surfing and as a person! People easily mistake confidence for cockiness, but the thing that I really respect Zeke for is his drive and motivation to succeed! Passion is what drives our sport and any sport for that matter. It’s a pleasure to watch him working towards achieving his goals!

  • Augusto Zin

    what the first music?? plzzz

  • Mik

    Correction: I received an e-mail from a SURFER staff member who has been interacting directly with Zeke for the past few years (instead of winging opinions based on a few seconds of video like I just did :-), and he set me straight about Zeke being on track in every way. So my apology to Zeke for being too quick to conclude. Note that I was actually sincerely offering constructive criticism because I am a fan of Zeke’s surfing, and having lived in Hawaii, only want to see him progress without any self-destructive baggage. Sounds like he’s already learned what I was offering up! So rad, thanks, SURFER, and I hope to see ZEKE in Bali, or Hawaii, so I can man-up in person.

  • barney

    song: Odd Future-Forest green

    Zeke killing it!

  • Nick Wright

    what is the name of the second song that starts when the Oakley pro part starts.

  • jeff I

    Shibata rips!