The Humble Hawaiian

Living in a mango tree on the North Shore, Eala Stewart starts his journey to becoming a pro

| posted on April 24, 2013

  • caroline pate

    Eala reminds me very much like a young Jay Moriarty. Compare their eyes and speech. Good young man to represent Hawaii !!!

  • cmplocs

    Refreshing to see such a humble kid chasing his dreams. Someone sponsor him already. I’m sure he will pay off ten fold in the long run.

  • mjd

    How does this kid not have a sponsor??? Not only was he throwing down he was doing it with the attitude that every team should be searching for!

  • http://SurferMagazine Robert Camilleri

    Eala is a fantastic surfer. A goofy footer who has it all, style and a maturity beyond his years. He reminds me of an young Barry K. Someone sponsor this kid! You won’t regret it!