The Hot 100 Movie

Download the full-length film, featuring the world's best young surfers

| posted on April 01, 2012

Download Now (right click “save link as”): High | Medium | Low

For more on the world’s best young surfers, check out the Hot 100, available with our May issue on newsstands now.

Track list:

1. “Blood on the Deck” by Thee Oh Sees
2. “Cloud Nine” by Blackfeet Braves
3. “Slave Exchange” by Lil Daggers
4. “Trippin’ Like I Do” by Blackfeet Braves
5. “DTV” by Natural Child
6. “The Dream” by Thee Oh Sees
7. “Run Me Over” by The Babies
8. “Long Live Dry Feet” by Dry Feet
9. “Aphrodite” by Phèdre
10. “Oh” by Fidlar
11. “Body Cold” by White Fence

  • Sy

    QuickTime Player says it can not recognize the file type. What should I do?

  • Todd Prodanovich

    It works on QuickTime, you might just have to update your version. You can also drag the file into iTunes.

  • poop poopy

    i cant right clickk and save link as… how else do i download..?

  • Potatohead

    3:30min Jack Robinson….. A-Ma-Zing!!!!!!

  • Elaine Roycroft

    Young Jack Robinson amazing talent i think he actualy became part of the wave it was like he has a six sense and knows what its going to do love watching him surf

  • what?

    what about Vasco Ribeiro??? are you crazy? top 20 minimum

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  • 8=D

    You should probably stop being an idiot and throw your computer in the trash, along with your surfboard….

  • Dan

    Yeah thats the same for me @Sy. Quicktime says that it doesn’t recognise the file and i don’t know how to update it.

  • Brendon Thomas

    @sy @Dan: Drag the file into iTunes.

  • chris

    how do you save it on a mac? no right click. I tried dragging the link, and dragging the video into itunes but neither worked. Yikes

  • Katlane

    It’s not really annex, fuck i really mistake, i looked for politics money and shit, forgetting the best of life. really smiling surfing skating that’s really matter for me..nice love and beauty and first HEALTH!! If someone fell loses balance” i want think to my mistake, so have fun and if you can get drunk .
    Good luck to evrybody!!!

  • Kristjan

    Good movie but where can I see the list of top 100 ?

  • ck

    Can someone please help, how to download it on a mac?

    • Brendon Thomas

      @ck hold the control key and click the link. Then save file as.

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  • Niko

    Get the link and download it on After downloading it on mp4 file, drag it to iTunes.

  • sususurf

    whats up with the airs, people have forgotten POWER SURFING, conner coffin amazing.

  • Elvis

    That bird Chirping techno in the Bali section, shits me

  • jan

    kolohe hit me once at t street

  • Anonymous

    One of the shittiest surfing vids I’ve ever seen… All airs, not a single decent turn in the whole thing. They could at least try to hide the fact that they’re doing airs to show off the stickers on the bottom of their boards. I can’t think of a single other sport that exploits the actual physical maneuvers involved just for a few more advertising dollars. All the rich cali kids were highlighted way too much and they’re all shit surfers anyways. They skip every section of the wave so they can throw some half ass air into a closeout. And how old is that little kid anyway? It’s disgusting if you ask me, exploiting a 5th grader like that. I wonder how many protein shakes they make that kid drink a day and how often he does intensive training exercises. It’s people like this that are destroying surf culture with their greedy materialistic ideals.